BLU F91 Root, Stock ROM, Firmware Update, Recovery Mode, Hard Reset

BLU F91 Root stock rom tips and tricks

BLU has officially launched the new BLU 5G mobile phone and this is named as the BLU F91 5G in the whole new F Series by BLU Bold Like us brand. So let's go through BLU F91 root, stock ROM, firmware update, recovery mode, & hard reset guide.

BLU F91 Tips & Tricks

So check out these tips -

  1. BLU F91 USB Drivers
  2. Screenshot on F91
  3. BLU F91 SIM Card
  4. BLU F91 Root
  5. Booting BLU F91 in Recovery Mode
  6. Factory Reset
  7. BLU F91 User Manual
  8. Hard Reset BLU F91
  9. BLU F91 Android updates
  10. Find IMEI number on BLU F91
  11. BLU F91 Battery
  12. Software Update
  13. BLU F91 Display
  14. 5G Not Working
  15. BLU Phone Call Recording
  16. BLU F91 Boot Problem
  17. SIM Card for BLU F91
  18. BLU F91 Wallpaper
  19. BLU F91 Problem Booting
  20. BLU F91 Font
  21. BLU F91 Ringtone

BLU F91 Screenshot

Unable to take screenshot on BLU F91 5G? Follow this guide.

It's quite easy to take a screenshot on the F91 or any BLU phone. Follow the process mentioned below -

  • Press the combination of Volume Down and Power buttons together at once. Adjust according to your needs.
  • You will hear a shutter-click sound alongside a flashy animation confirming that the screenshot is now taken.

Alternatively, you can use the following Android screenshot apps -

Here is the video guide -

BLU F91 5G Not Working:

If you have trouble accessing 5G on your mobile phone then please check whether 5G is available in your area or not. The second step is to check whether you have a 5G plan or not.

You might also face slow 5G data because 5G is still under penetration and not big coverage is available.

BLU F91 USB Drivers

You can download USB drivers for BLU F91 from here.

BLU F91 Screen Recording:

Screen Recording is available by default on your mobile phone and you will no longer have to download a separate plugin for that. You can follow a guide for screen recording on BLU F91.

BLU F91 Root

No root guide is available but you can try out various auto root apps. It may not work 100% for you but you can try.

Hard Reset BLU F91:

Follow this instruction to hard reset BLU F91 5G mobile.

Boot BLU F91 in Recovery Mode

You can enter the BLU F91 in safe mode or recovery mode by following the steps -

  • Turn off your phone completely by pressing the Power button.
  • Now press the Volume Up and Power button together.
  • You will see under construction kind of logo on your device.
  • There you are.

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How to Connect F91 to PC/Lenovo:

It's quite easy to do for backup of photos, just follow this guide.

Factory Reset BLU F91

Now you have arrived at the topic of discussions, i.e., BLU F91 reset or factory reset. Follow the process mentioned below -

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Now head to System.
  • Now tap on Reset Options or Backup & reset.(This may vary based on Android versions)
  • Now tap on Reset.
  • Confirm the action that you want to reset the phone, and all the data on your phone will be lost.

That's it done!

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BLU F91 Software Update | BLU F91 Firmware Download

Software updates are very important. The new BLU F91 5G gets security updates quarterly, and you can check for availability using the below guide -

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Now tap on System and then finally System Update.
  • Make sure that you have a proper Wi-Fi or Data connection.

Follow the below video guide for BLU phone software updates -

Sadly no Android 13 update for BLU F91 will be available but you can replicate it by downloading Android 13 stock apps.

BLU F91 IMEI Number

You need to press *#06# (asterisk, hash, zero, six, hash) on your mobile phone keyboard.

Follow the video guide below on how to find the IMEI number on your BLU mobile -

BLU F91 User Manual

Below is the link to get the user manual -

Download BLU F91 User manual

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F91 Won't Turn On:

If you are facing problems like being unable to boot or stuck on the home screen then for this problem then refers to this guide.

BLU F91 Call Recording:

You can easily record calls on your BLU F91 mobile phone and there is an inbuilt option for that.

How to Change Font Size:

You can follow the guide on how to change the font size on the BLU phone and works for F91 as well.

BLU F91 Wallpaper & Lock Screen:

It's quite easy to change wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper as per your personalization needs. There are two ways to do that and check out how to change the wallpaper on the BLU phone.

How to Change Ringtone on F91:

You can follow the guide on how to change the ringtone on the BLU phone and works great for F91 too.

BLU F91 Pro Tips & Tricks

PUBG Livik Tips

So that's a comprehensive guide on BLU F91 tips and tricks and a how-to guide.

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BLU F91 Root, Stock ROM, Firmware Update, Recovery Mode, Hard Reset
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