PUBG Livik Map Tips and Tricks - Loot Locations, Monster Truck, How to Win

Here are Players PUBG Livik Map Tips and Tricks i.e., How to Win, Sniper locations, monster truck locations and Livik loot map.

Unknowns BattleGrounds, famously abbreviated as PUBG Mobile before the launch of Season 14 update, introduces an all-new Livik map. It's an interesting map which decides a winner in 15 minutes, yes, just 15 minutes. It's a 2 km x 2 km small map with some interesting locations and scenes.

PUBG Livik Map

Livik Map Locations

Although Livik map is small, it doesn't that it has a limited number of locations. Infact it has got many small (about 4-6 houses) locations that include -

  • Aqueduct
  • Askehus
  • Blomster
  • Crabgrass
  • Dormant Volcano
  • East Port
  • Fiskerhus
  • Gass
  • Gronhus
  • Helle
  • Holdhus
  • Hot Spring
  • Iceborg
  • Lupin felt
  • Lumber Yard
  • Midstein
  • Power Plant
  • Reeds
  • Rose Farm
  • Shipyard
  • Waterfall
  • Wengen

Livik Map size: 2 km x 2 km

PUBG Livik Loot Map:

Are you looking for a loot heatmap on the Livik map? Here are the 4 places you will find decent guns, snipers -

  1. Midstein: Largest modern city on the map. Apart from the main building there are several other buildings in Mistein where you can find a decent guns and protections. The advantage of this place is that you will not have to move much for safe zone as it's almost at the center of the map.
  2. Iceborg: Far eastern side is Iceborg a decent loot location.
  3. HoldHus: Holdhus has got a Indoor Stadium similar to that one found in Miramar map. For those who want safe loot place in Livik, they should get down at Holdhus.
  4. Blomster: There are a number of sheds to loot in this place.

Livik Sniper Location

Start players are always looking for snipers while playing as it gives more damage to players, sometimes a kill with one shot. You are more bound to get Sniper like M24, Kar98, SKS, MK12 at following locations -

  • Midstein
  • East Port
  • Blomster
  • Gass
  • Lumber Yard

So, land on these places and go for the tall/biggest building. Certainly, you will see other players too landing in this location.

PUBG Livik vs Sanhok

Before Livik, Sanhok was the smallest map with a size of 4 km x 4 km. Some guns which are found in Sanhok are not found in Livik and vice-versa.

Livik vs Miramar

Miramar is the largest PUBG map right now with 8 km x 8 km size and taking atleast 30 minutes to play.

PUBG Livik vs Erangel

Just like Miramar, Erangel too is a big map.

Monster Truck location in Livik:

This new map brings an exclusive Monster Truck vehicle. There is no fix location for a monster truck in Livik map but there is a higher chance you can find one in the following three spots -

Spot #1: Power Plant

Spot #2: Aqueduct

Spot #3: Crab Grass

How to Win on Livik in PUBG?

Livik map is the smallest map in the PUBG Mobile app and within 15 minutes you have a winner. So that means that it's actually a fast play game.

Talking about winning strategy in Livik, you should always look to prefer the zone first. As soon as a new Safe Zone is created, try to move first inside the zone and then check enemies' position and proceed.

And when going for an air-drop always make use of smoke grenade to make things easy for yourself.

I am sure moving from zone edge to edge is the best strategy to win in Livik map.

PUBG Livik Map Missions

There are several missions in this map, they are -

  • Pickup MK12 gun 12 times in Livik
  • Kill 16 enemies in Livik map using Assault Riffle.
  • Kill 20 enemies in Livik map using SMG.

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So, that's all about PUBG Livik map loot locations, missions, comparison with other PUBG maps.

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