PUBG Mobile Achievements Points - How to Complete Them

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Here are the various achievements available on the PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile is the world's #1 multiplayer strategic game developed by Bluehole, a South Korean video gaming company. Playing this game is rewarding and this is where gamers like the most. We have previously gone through PUBG Missions not working.

What are PUBG Achievements?

PUBG Mobile rewards users for playing and completing unique achievements. The rewards are in terms of their own denominations.

PUBG Mobile Achievements New

Mission Title


Achievement Points

Riding Marksman Defeat 10 players with weapons while traveling on a vehicle moving a ta 30km/hr or faster
 Mountain Hero  Win in the Karakin map  3 Times - 5
10 Times - 10
20 Times - 15
50 Times - 20
Mythic Fashion  Own Mythic permanent outfits  5 to 80 Points
Rhythm Hero  Play the Hundred Rhythms Mode in Erangel from March 9 to May 10 10 Points

To get 10 points for the Rhythm Hero title, you will have to complete the following -

  • Play the Note Slicer Mode 1 time
  • Play the techno launcher 1 time
  • Use the Recon Armband skill 1 time
  • Use the Guardian Armband skill 1 time
  • Use the Camouflage Armband skill 1 time
  • Get 10 Clown Tokens
  • Use the Clown Shop 1 time

PUBG Achievements

Here are the previous achievements -

Unique Destiny: Earn 6000 Achievement points (60 points)

On a Mission: Complete the following 6 missions - (60 points)

- Complete Assault Mastery V

- Complete SMG Mastery V

- Melee Mastery V

- Shotgun Mastery V

- Sniper Mastery V

- Pistol Mastery V

Chicken Expert (50 points)

Sharpshooter (30 points)

Commando: Win 50 Solo classic matches while in a Platinum tier or above. (40 points)

Maxed Out: Reach Level 100 (40 points)

Free Chicken Dinner (20 points)

Overachiever: Earn 2800 Achievement points (50 points)

Collector (Collect Permanent outfits, parachutes, weapon finishes) (50 points)

Weapon Master: Complete the following 6 missions - (60 points)

- Eliminate an enemy with vehicles

- Eliminate an enemy with throwable

- Eliminate an enemy with Sniper Rifles

- Eliminate an enemy with Assault Rifle

- Eliminate an enemy with Shotguns

- Eliminate an enemy with SMG

Well Liked: Earn 1000 likes (50 points)

Payload Powerhouse (15 points)

Panology Professor (5 to 20 points)

Shotgun Mastery (5 to 50 points)

Patient Zero (20 points)

The Vanquisher (20 points)

Avening Fury (20 points)

Evil Survivor (5 to 20 points)

A Step Too far (5 to 30 points)

Ride It Out: Kill Zombies (5 to 30 points)

Melee Mastery (5 to 50 points)


Desert Tourist

Road Rage


SMG Mastery



Sniper Mastery

Pistol Mastery


Field Medic

Assault Mastery


Evil Survivor

Skull Collector

Victory Legion


Envoy of War

Alpha & Omega

Threat from Above

Physical Trainer

Eye for an Eye

Take Me With You


Supreme Marksman

Life in Fragile

Suit Up

Run Chicken Run

The Chosen One

Perfect 10s

Star Support

Armor Expert

Fully Armed

Arctic Survivor

Until Dawn

Alive at Dawn

Seasoned Soldier

Going Commando

Legend of the Fjord


Going All out

PUBG Elite

Chicken Bucket

Arctic Fighter


Triple Chicken

Triple Chicken Supreme


Lifelong Learner

Open Sesame


Road to Glory

Lifelong Learner

Fun Time

Bounty Hunter

Evo Tactician

Classic Lover

Battle Hardened


Never ending

Mythic Fashion (5 to 80 points)

Best Companion (5 to 20 points)

Painter (20 points)

Trick or Treat (40 points)

Time Traveler (40 points)

To the Stars (40 points)

Skeleton Hand (50 points)

Circus (50 points)

Hot Pizza (50 points)

White Rabbit (50 points)

Neon Punk (50 points)

Squabble Squad (50 points)

Character Development (10 points)

Epic Find (50 points)

Full Closet (40 points)

Certified Skydriver (40 points)

Art Curator (40 points)

Legendary Find (40 points)

Rare Find (40 points)

PUBG Livik Tips

Playing this game is definitely great on big battery life mobile phones.

PUBG Mobile Achievements Not Working:

It's not like it isn't working, there is something wrong that you are doing here. For example, I wasn't getting Weapon Master title because I did something wrong.

I myself personally have complete 4810 achievement points. What's yours?

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