How to Fix PUBG Missions Not Working - Problem & Issues

fix PUBG Missions not working

Every week PlayersUnknowns BattleGrounds (PUBG) release a new set of missions that players can complete in order to get Royal Pass rank. Many of these missions are easy to complete while many of them might trick users which leads to incomplete PUBG missions. Here in this guide, I will show you what actually you need to do in order to fix PUBG missions not working errors or problems on your smartphone.

What are PUBG Missions?

Every week you are given some task to complete and earn RP points,

PUBG Missions Not Working

Playing PUBG on mobile is great and I liked it on my Bold N1 mobile phone. However, some of my PUBG friends have issues in completing these weekly missions. They say that PUBG missions not working or they need a PUBG missions guide in order to complete them.

Many of the users have reported that they are unable to complete those missions. So let me tell you something here.

Actually, everything is fine about those missions and PUBG Mobile developers take trials (testing) before rolling out in public. So everything is 100% tested and if everything is tested then why some of the missions are not working for some users?


So, where is the problem?

The problem is - sometimes we are unable to understand the mission that is given. Like, for example, take this weekly mission -

Kill 20 enemies in Los Leones


Kill 20 enemies with AKM in Los Leones

This means that you will have to kill the above-said number of enemies in Los Leones in PUBG which is found on the Miramar map. Most of the time these kills should be inside the Los Leones city while a kill done outskirts of it will not be counted.

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My favorite place is Los Leones and the loot route is in the warehouses outside Los Leones. So I tried to kill enemies with AKM who came through my route. Sadly it was not counted and hence this PUBG Missions isn't completed

or PUBG Missions not working.


Kill 20 Enemies in San Martin


Land on Top of the Building on San Martin


Land on Top of a Building in El Pozo

For missions like Land on Top of the Building in San Martin/El Pozo/El Azahar, some of the warehouses outside the city map will not be counted. Further Hacienda being close to San Martin adds further confusion.

Similarly missions in new maps -

Complete the off-road challenge 2 times in the Livik map

For this mission, you will have to jump off the ramp two times on the Livik map


Eliminate 1 enemy using Panzerfaust in Al Habar

This is in the Karakin map. You will have to land in Al Habar, get the Panzerfaust gun, and kill a bot with it.

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Similarly, there are other missions that can be easily confused.


So that's how you fix PUBG missions not working on Android/iPhone.

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My Friends say that PUBG missions not working or they need a PUBG missions guide in order to complete them. Here is the guide on how to fix PUBG missions not working or complete those weekly missions.
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