Best BLU G9 Pro Case Covers to Buy Right now for Ultimate Protection

After twist of launching the BLU G5, G5 Plus, G6 and BLU G8 smartphones, BLU Products has finally unveiled all new BLU G9 Pro G0230ww smartphone. After BLU G9 case collection we are proud to introduce to you all new "BLU G9 Pro case and covers" to provide your device with ultimate protection. Although it might a $200 smartphone, but it has come from your hard-earned money and you don't want to lose it at any cost. It's the time to get the BLU G9 Pro accessories. Here you go - BLU G9 Pro Case Covers Here are the different… Read More

Android 12 Update Release Date, Supported & Eligible Phones List

After Android 11 announcement on September 8, 2020, the next Android update in the pipeline is the Android 12 update. Here I will tell you everything about the Android 12 version from release date to features and eligible phones to ETA on when the devices will be updated. Google has a history of releasing a new Android version every year. For 2020, a year that belongs to an nCOVID-19 pandemic, the 18th major release of Android aka Android 11 was announced. The update was announced for more than 100 devices from various OEMs like Samsung, Motorola, LG, Xiaomi & others… Read More

Boom Mobile Plans Offers Customizations As Per Need

From cheap to customization, there are various options with Boom Mobile. Here are Boom Mobile Plans, reviews. Boom Mobile is a Verizon MVNO is known for providing what customers need by providing more than 50 plans to choose from. Boom Mobile is a no-contract wireless service that offers various plans for customers in the United States of America. Boom Mobile Plans Unlimited Plans Hotspot Plan Shared Plan 5G Plans Conclusion Boom Unlimited Plans: As an MVNO, Boom Mobile unlimited plans are available in various pricing options from $19 a month to $65 a month. Boom Plan/month Line Minutes Text Data… Read More

Android 12 Download APK - Launcher, Themes & Wallpapers

Guide on how to get Android 12 download APK via the launcher, APK file, themes. The year 2021 brings update to both Android and iOS mobile operating system. We have seen the announcement of iOS 15 and Android 12 alongside the debut of Huawei HarmonyOS and Apple HomeOS. Here we are more concerned about the Android 12 download APK files for launcher, themes, wallpapers and boot animation. Android 12 Download There are a numerous search with the keyword "Android 12 download apk" and this actually means that people are willing to download many things related to this latest Android launcher.… Read More

Bold N1 Android 10 Update Release Date - Android Security Updates

Checkout BOLD N1 Android 10 update release date and process on how to update it with the latest Android release. BLU sub-brand Bold Mobiles unveiled Bold N1 mobile phone recently and we have already gone through its specifications, guide to download usb drivers also the best case and covers. Here we through Android 10 update for Bold N1 smartphone. BOLD N1 Android 10 update The Bold N1 runs on Android 9.0 Pie version out of the box but during the launch company CEO Samuel Ohev Zion promised Android 10 upgrade later. About Bold N1 Bold N1 is the latest and… Read More

Total Wireless Hotspot or Tethering for Mobile Data Sharing

Here is the guide on how to enable Total Wireless Hotspot or tethering for mobile data sharing on other lines. Mobile data sharing or Hotspot or tethering is a very important feature on smartphones that brings Wi-Fi router functionality to so-called smartphone. Now, since I said 'Wi-Fi router' you might have understood that smartphones now include data sharing option, i.e., share your mobile Internet with your family and friends. But sadly, MVNO and other mobile networks in United States doesn't allow sharing of data until and unless its mentioned by network provider. Hotspot on Total Wireless was announced in late… Read More

Samsung Android 12 Update List (Eligible) | Samsung OneUI 4

Samsung Android 12 Update List: Here are the Samsung Galaxy phones & tablets that will see the Android 12 update. When it comes to software update, Samsung and Nokia are very prompt to deliver on time updates. While it's easy for Nokia because they use stock Android version, Samsung developer team on other hand does a hard work by using One UI on their mobiles. Last year we listed eligible Samsung phone for the Android 11 and continuing the same this year we have the Samsung Android 12 update list. Samsung Android 12 Update List We have talked about the next… Read More

Work for Verizon 6G Already Started; Roll out in 2028

5G networks are quickly spreading their availability from prime locations in cities to outskirts and bigger towns. There is still a long path to cover for 5G coverage in the United States and let me tell you that no service can reach 100% perfectly because of the terrains. Here let me talk about the Verizon 6G plans, release date schedule, rollout, expectations, & when will Verizon have 6G technology for customers. What is Verizon 6G? Just like 3G, 4G, & 5G, 6G Verizon is an upgraded mobile technology. As a symbol, the letter "G" stands for generation, and it's quite… Read More

How to Take Screenshot on BLU G9 Pro | BLU G91, G90 Pro Screenshot

In this guide check out how to take screenshot on BLU G90 Pro smartphone easily without using any paid app or root. Screenshot on a smartphone is the most useful property and this is why it's been integrated by default in all Android smartphones. Call it has a secret code or something else, it's something out of the coverage of novice users. So here in this guide, I will be teaching you how to take screenshot on BLU G9 Pro smartphone. It's a wonderful BLU triple camera smartphone available for just $200 from Amazon. You can go through BLU G9… Read More

Best TCL Phone Unlocked to Buy with Latest Android OS

Here are the best TCL Phone unlocked to buy with the latest Android OS right now. You might have seen TCL as an electronics appliances manufacturer making smart TVs, headphones, earbuds but since few years they are also into smartphones thanks to Android which takes care of software part. We have already gone through top Samsung mobiles, blu bold phones, battery backup phones, lets here go through top TCL phones to buy right now. TCL Phone TCL manufactures unlocked GSM devices that are compatible with 4G LTE (1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/28) 3G: (850/900/1700/1900/2100) networks bands in the USA works with AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS… Read More

Verizon Android 12 Updates and Verizon Android Updates & Firmwares

Verizon Android Updates 2021: Here we provide info on Verizon Android 12 update phones list, schedule, ETA. Android updates are great and who doesn't want to see them. It makes me happy and this should be the case with other phone owners too. Isn't it? Ok, so let me tell you more about Verizon Android updates. Several people have queries regarding the next Android update on their phone. Whether their phone is eligible or not and if eligible when the update would be arriving. Verizon Android Updates Last time we talked about T-Mobiles Android updates, here we go through Verizon… Read More