US Wireless Carrier Bands for Unlocked Smartphones

What are the US wireless carriers' bands? Does this phone support my operator? That's has been the question that people have been asking us since we started the BLU Cell phones website. So in this particular post, we will be going through US Wireless Carriers Bands for Unlocked Smartphones. US Wireless Carrier Bands for Unlocked Smartphones In the US, wireless telecom operators work on a range of different frequencies. FCC has assigned a range of frequencies for all mobile carriers. In order that your mobile support a particular mobile operator, your device should support the frequency band which carries runs… Read More

Download Android 11 Launcher APK & Port it your Phone

Let me guide you through the Android 11 Launcher apk download and port it to your existing phone. Are you a fan of Android launchers? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place for the right information as today we will dive into the latest Android launchers. It has become customary for Google to introduce an Android version and fans to love it. As of now, Android 11 is the next Android version. With the new Android version there comes several new things which include a launcher, themes, wallpapers, sounds, and ringtones. The Android 11 beta update is… Read More

Best Nuu Mobile Phone 2021 to Buy Online, NUU Cell Phone Reviews

NUU Cell Phone Reviews: Check out here the best NUU Mobile Phone 2021 to Buy online right now. NUU Mobile has identified its name in the American market for manufacturing unlocked mobile phones with dual SIM capacity and it's more like BLU Products. The 2010 established company has spread its services in more than 7 countries including the USA, UK, India, South Africa, Europe, Indonesia, UAE, and others. Nuu Mobile Phone Here are some of the best NUU mobile phones 2021 list - NUU Mobile G3 NUU mobile phone has come up with a G3 mobile phone that comes with… Read More

How to Fix APN Settings Greyed Out or Locked or Disabled

Do you see APN Settings not available or greyed out so that you can't edit? Here is the workaround for APN Settings Greyed out or disabled or locked. You might know that different carriers and MVNOs have their own Settings for Access Point Network(APN). So carriers lock APN Settings on their mobile phones so that you can't modify them. According to some carrier's statements, they hear a lot of complaints regarding the network not available or unable to use data. The most possible reason for that is the wrong APN Settings. Novice users mostly modify these settings, and they enter… Read More

Who owns BLU Phones | Blu Cell Phones Amazon

Are you looking for the answers to who owns BLU phones? Check out all details on BLU Cell phone owner. BLU Products is one of the best unlocked smartphone sellers in the United States known for entry level handsets and it has unveiled very good smartphones from time to time. For example, take the BLU Vivo Go, the best smartphone under 100 dollars, and BLU Studio X8 HD 2019 the best mobile under 50 dollars unlocked. The BLU Bold Like us brand has also unveiled BLU Advance A4, the best touchscreen smartphone under 40 USD. So who is behind the… Read More

How to Backup BLU Phone Data to PC - BLU Phone Connect to Computer

In this guide, we will be showing you how you can backup BLU phone data to your PC easily supporting both Windows and Mac PCs. Videos and photos that you have taken in your smartphones are very important and it's quite always important to back it up in a safe place because in the future it will become your memories. So if you are using a BLU smartphone and you have taken some beautiful photos of your family and friends that you want to back it up and doesn't want to lose then follow the guide mentioned here in order to… Read More

Android 12 Download APK - Install Launcher, Themes & Wallpapers

Guide on how to get Android 12 download APK install via the launcher, APK file, themes. The year 2021 brings updates to both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. We have seen the announcement of iOS 15 and Android 12 alongside the debut of Huawei HarmonyOS and Apple HomeOS(unannounced). For this year, the latest Android version is Android 12. Here we are more concerned about the Android 12 download APK files for the launcher, themes, wallpapers, and boot animation. These kinds of stuff can be downloaded and ported to your mobile phone, doesn't matter if it's unlocked Samsung phone or… Read More

Samsung Android 12 Update List (Eligible) | Samsung OneUI 4.0 update

Samsung Android 12 Update List: Here are the Samsung Galaxy phones & tablets that will see the Android 12 update. When it comes to software update, Samsung and Nokia are very prompt to deliver on time updates. While it's easy for Nokia because they use stock Android version, Samsung developer team on other hand does a hard work by using One UI on their mobiles. Last year we listed eligible Samsung phone for the Android 11 and continuing the same this year we have the Samsung Android 12 update list. Samsung Android 12 Update List We have talked about the next… Read More

MP3 Juice Con - Free to Download MP3 Music App (Reviews)

MP3 Juice, is a free tool to search MP3 from various sources and download them in the best quality format. The great thing about this app is that you can listen songs without any subscription limits. Alternatively it has come up with mp3 downloader tool through which you can download mp3 and play online. It's so called as Music streaming app but in a different way. Here we would be discussing about MP3 Juice Con, pros, features, and details about the app. MP3 Juice App The MP3 Juice is also referred as "Mp3Juicee" and "Mp3Juices". This app is available for… Read More

Wing Phone Plans & Price, Service, App Details

How much does it cost to join a wing phone? Checkout new and latest Wing Phone Plans & Price, Wingtel phone app details. You might know the newcomer, Wing Tel or Wing Alpha, or simply Wing as the new telecom service provider in the United States. If you have arrived at my post then you might have come to know Wing Phone Plans, Price, features, and every other detail of it. Since WingTel has different names, let me call it "WingTel mobile plans", "Wing Cellular plans". You can ask a question like - How much does it cost to join… Read More

BLU Phone SIM Card Install, Network Compatibility & Not Detected

Check out supported BLU Phone SIM card, compatible MVNO & networks in the USA, bands & how to fix not detected error. Congratulations on purchasing a new BLU phone. Is it the BLU Vivo XII or BLU G90 or BLU Vivo X6? Whatever it may be, it's the time to purchase a case for it, and a SIM Card is needed which is basically a "digital address" or a "digital friend" for you. Basically, your phone is meant for communication, and it became smart only a couple of years ago by adding capabilities of gaming, alarm, use it as a… Read More