Android Go Phones 2021 i.e., Android Go Smartphones Latest

Here we go through Android Go Phones 2021 designed for low-end i.e., Android Go Smartphones updated latest. It's not too long ago that Google announced the lighter Android version, named "Android Go", also known as "Android Go Edition". For records, it was first made available for Android Oreo devices having less than 2 GB of RAM. What is Android Go Version? Android Go are the smartphones that are powered by the Android operating system but it's a custom version design for low-end smartphones. This means more speed for low-end devices. So here we go through such devices list. You can say… Read More

How to Unlock Bootloaders on BLU Phones Easily

No need to worry as we have gone through the guide on how to unlock bootloaders on BLU phones easily. Unlocking bootloaders is the foremost BLU phone development thing that users perform and if you want to root your phone or install TWRP/CWM custom recovery then you need to have a device with bootloaders unlocked. Do you see blu bootloader inlock? Unlock Bootloaders on BLU Phones Most OEM companies ship their smartphones with a bootloader unlocked and BLU Products is one among them. No need to worry as we have gone through the steps on unlock bootloaders on any BLU… Read More

Top 10 best Websites for TV Shows FREE and Cinema Research

Check out Top 10 best websites for the TV shows and Cinema research. The news has a lot of information relating to the entertainment concept and for obvious reasons has been at the most demanded. Below are the best 10 websites that help the audience in knowing about the movies and TV shows and their ratings accordingly. IMDb IMDb is one of the websites that provides the best of information about the released as well yet to be released movies. The  Internet Movie Database as it is called and abbreviated as IMDb, B it is termed as an online database of information related to… Read More

5 Best Smartphones with 1 TB Internal Memory to Buy in 2021

Smartphones 1 TB Storage: Here are the 5 top smartphones with 1 TB internal memory to buy in 2021. Are you looking for smartphones with 1 TB storage? If yes, then here in this post we have come up with the top best 1 TB storage phones. But the question is why would you need a 1 TB storage mobile phone? And how much is too much when it comes to internal storage in smartphones? These are the two questions that come to your mind when shopping for a 1 TB mobile phone. We have answered them here as well.… Read More

BLU Products CEO Samuel Ohev Zion Net Worth, Biography, Family, House, Wikipedia

Are you eager to know BLU Products CEO name? Here we have provided all the details about BLU phone company CEO. BLU stands for "Bold Like Us". It's a Miami, Florida based company that manufactures unlocked Android phones for the sale in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, and other countries. Some users need insightful info on products that they purchase. Whether you are buying BLU G91 Pro or any other BLU phone, you might search for terms like - Who is BLU Phone CEO? Who owns BLU phones? Here we go through some details on those. Samuel Ohev… Read More

BLU Bold Like us - Phones, Price List, Features

BLU Products is one of the famous unlocked smartphone makers & sellers in the United States. We have seen so many mobile phone launches in the BLU brand every year and it will continue to do so alongside the new Bold brand. Here we go through the meaning of the phrase "BLU Bold Like us". Its also know by other  terms as "blue products phone" or bule mobile. BLU Bold Like us: So, what is BLU Bold Like us? Here we give some answers to that. Actually Bold Like us is a tag line of the BLU Products company. Generally, the… Read More

Where are Samsung Phones Made or Manufactured or Assembled

Samsung is a worldwide leader in Android powered devices and comes only next to Apple in the smartphone category in terms of sales and popularity. The Samsung Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series paved a way for a success of South Korean smartphone giant in the global market. It has now become a household brand and everyone knows that Samsung has smartphone business and their phones are doing pretty good. Many of the users who wants to shift to Samsung has asked various questions like where are Samsung phones made or manufactured or assembled. Let me answer it here… Read More

How to Download Windows 11 & Install it on PC

Here is the detailed article of how to download Windows 11 & install it properly. Microsoft after 7 years has pushed a major update to Windows OS. Called as the Windows 11, it comes as a successor to Windows 10. We have previously gone through a guide on how to take screenshot on Windows 11 and here is the guide on how to download Windows 11 and install it on your PC. Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements: Before we straight away jump into Windows 11 installation guide, you should check out minimum system requirements. So here is what you need… Read More

WWE RAW Roster & RAW Women's Roster 2021 [July Update]

Here we go through personnel behind the long-running show in the sports entertainment i.e., the WWE RAW Roster 2021 & RAW Women's Roster. The Monday Night RAW is the world's longest-running serial of all time in the sports entertainment industry brought to you by WWE. As such they are keeping updates with the best wrestlers. The show continues with virtual live cameras in the crowd due to Covid-19 restrictions and I feel no change at all in the WWE match environment around. Personally I feel that WWE RAW is much more entertaining than SmackDown Live brand and it's due to… Read More

6 Reasons to Buy BLU G90 Pro - The Best Ever BLU Phone

BLU Products, Miami based unlocked smartphone maker by Samuel Ohev Zion has always come up with budget-friendly and entry-level smartphones. After the impressive launch of Bold N1 last year, this year its the G90 Pro that will keep you impressed for the rest of this year. In our view, this is the best ever BLU Phone that company has ever come up with. We said the same thing last year with Bold N1 and we will say it again this year with BLU G90 Pro. Mentioned here are the 5 reasons to buy BLU G90 Pro mobile phone right away… Read More

Best Smartphone under 200 Dollars Unlocked [July 2021 Edition]

Check out the best smartphone under 200 dollars budget chosen by team editor Yogesh Khetani. Smartphones are available in different price ranges. From $20 to $1200, there are several devices from several manufacturers coming out every day. Not everyone has a high budget to buy flagship mobile phones like the Apple iPhone or the Samsung high-end devices. Are you limited to a budget of $200 for your next smartphone? This is equal to one-fifth or one-fourth of the budget of an iPhone. Don't worry as I am not here to sadden you but instead show you a solution. A… Read More