How to Change TracFone APN Settings or Reset it

Check out how to change TracFone APN Settings for iPhone, AT&T, Samsung, & other networks/mobile phones. APN or Access Point Names are required so that your mobile phone can connect to the web or Internet on your data. So without its proper connection/Settings on your Tracfone mobile phone, you won't be able to connect to the Internet or send multimedia messages. TracFone APN Settings There are several ways in which you can get APN Settings on your TracFone mobile phone. Here are they - TracFone mobile APN settings via SMS TracFone has done its best in this regard. You can… Read More

Plum Phone Review - Top Flip Phone, Rugged Phone

Check out Plum Phone review as we go through the top flip phone, rugged mobile phone available right now. Plum Voice is the official company that operates and sells mobile phones under "Plum Phone" or "Plum Mobile" brand that sells rugged mobiles, flip phones for seniors and smartphones. It caters people of all ages in the mid-range budgets and hence Plum mobile phone brand is much like the BLU Bold brand as both have various mobile phones under $100 and $200 budget. Additionally, unlike BLU, they also provide flip phones(not the foldable phone). So let's check out about the Plum… Read More

Jolt Mobile APN Settings for T-Mobile/AT&T for 5G Internet on iPhone/Android

Here is the Jolt Mobile APN Settings for T-Mobile/AT&T for 5G Internet on iPhone/Android to fix MMS Internet problem & issues. Are you unable to access 4G/5G Internet or Mobile Data on your mobile phone. It may be due to wrong APN Settings on Samsung/Motorola/Xiaomi/Poco/Sony or any other Android smartphone. Here are the correct APN Settings for Jolt Mobile for iPhone and Android in order to get MMS and Data working. Jolt Mobile APN Settings Here are the following APN Settings that you need to enter manually - Username: (blank) Password: (blank) APN name: COMCAST.RSLR.VZWENTP Name: XFINITY MOBILE APN: COMCAST.RSLR.… Read More

Graphene Battery Phones are in Development - Power Banks Available

In today's time all almost all smartphones have Lithium-ion batteries. You can find them not only on smartphones but also on laptops, PDAs, cars, and iPods as well. Most smartphones brand including new Samsung phones, iPhone, Infinix, Nokia uses Li-ion batteries. They can be recharged hundreds of times, have a higher energy density, voltage capacity, and lower discharge rate than other batteries. You can check the best battery mobile phones and all these smartphones are either Lithium Polymer or Lithium-ion. Technology has emerged and graphene battery phones will soon overtake Lithium battery phones. Graphene offers higher electrical conductivity than lithium-ion… Read More

BLU Phone Settings Menu - Network, Sound, Bluetooth, Display Settings

Here is how you can access/modify or change BLU Phone settings on your mobile phone. A smartphone is not just a device to make calls or send SMS, it has transformed into a mini-PC doing a lot of functions. The past decade has seen a remarkable revolution in phone technology. Today's generation of smartphones includes many capabilities like converting your device to a mobile hotspot, includes Bluetooth for file transfer, NFC for payments, replacing DSLR cameras and further Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. With so many additions, OEMs have to develop a feature on your smartphone to handle this… Read More

Where & When is the Apple Cup Date & Time

Check out where and when is the Apple Cup date & time, schedule, tickets, memes and more details. There are various cultures that are followed for years and one such tradition is the "Apple Cup" annual event. So what is it, where is played and its importance we will learn in this piece of writing. The biggest American football game in the Evergreen state is hands-down the Apple Cup, the annual matchup between in-state rivals Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars. It's also referenced by other names as Governor's Trophy, and it has more than 100 years of tradition. Apple… Read More

Download SP Flash Tool for BLU Phones - Smartphone Flash Tool APK

Many OEMs doesn't have a custom software designed for flashing their smartphones and as such they use custom Android made softwares. Among one such is the popular SP Flash tool. SP Flash Tool Features: Flash Stock ROM Smartphone Flash Tool allows any Mediatek powered smartphone to either upgrade or downgrade firmware on your Android Device with just a few clicks. Format or Hard Reset Mobiles Easily format or wipe your phone data easily. Memory Test Using this flashing tool you can verify the RAM or external memory and NAND flash. Flash Recovery It allows you to easily flash a custom… Read More

6 Best Smartphones with 1 TB Internal Memory to Buy in 2021

1TB phone: Here are the 5 top smartphones with 1 TB internal memory to buy in 2021. Are you looking for smartphones with 1 TB storage? If yes, then here in this post we have come up with the top best 1 TB storage phones. But the question is why would you need a 1 TB storage mobile phone? And how much is too much when it comes to internal storage in smartphones? These are the two questions that come to your mind when shopping for a 1 TB mobile phone. We have answered them here as well. Why do… Read More

How to Check Tracfone Balance - Track Minutes Left, Usage Remaining

Check Tracfone Balance: Here are the 4 ways by which you can check minutes balance on Tracfone smartphones, data left & complete usage details. If you are new to Tracfone Wireless as your MVNO, then you might find some difficulties. The prepaid telecom service provider also sells phones to use with their services. They have a wide range of mobile phones for sale from flip phones to the latest Android smartphones under $100, $200. Check Tracfone Balance Several users are eager to check the remaining minutes i.e., talk time, data balance, payment reminder and other details regarding their Tracfone account.… Read More

Old BLU Phones Renewed | Refurbished BLU Phones for Sale on Amazon

Used BLU phones: Here is the guide on how you can buy the Refurbished BLU Phones online from Amazon and other retailers. BLU Products from time to time introduces new mobiles phones and you can go through them. As of now, the Bold N1 is the latest mobile phone. Refurbished BLU Phones As the phone is passed by time, it's getting old and so they are commonly referred to as old BLU phones. Almost all the BLU phones are available in the budget, for example, take the case of the Bold N1 which is the best smartphone under 200 dollars… Read More

BLU Cell Phone User Manual Download Online for All Models

Here is the guide to get the BLU Cell Phone user manual (PDF Download) for the device that you own. Are you looking for a user manual for your existing BLU smartphone? Here we have gone through the BLU user manual PDF download and how to use it. All the OEMs are specified to include a user manual so that users can easily know how to use the functions included in the mobile phone. The directives are from FCC in the USA and other telecom authorities around the world. What is BLU User manual? A user manual is a guide… Read More