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A guide on how to get an ACP Free Tablet from Government i.e., application, service providers near me & more details.

ACP stands for Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). It was previously known as Emergency Broadband Benefits (EBB) and was introduced to provide free internet to qualifying households, something popularly known as Free Internet or Obama phone later. But when this program was extended to provide free cell phones and tablets during the Covid-19 pandemic, US Federal renamed it to Affordable Connectivity Program or the ACP program, and more mobile providers were added to cover more people under this scheme. In this guide, check out how to get an ACP Free tablet from the government.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many peoples have lost their jobs and it has tremendously affected lifestyles. Many people have fallen into poverty lines and are struggling to make a livelihood. This is where the US Government decided to offer free phones, tablets, and laptops based on eligibility to poor people.

We have already gone through ACP free laptop offer, and here we go through free government tablet PC details.

ACP Free Tablet

Through the Affordable Connectivity Program, you can get a free tab as well. So we will learn the following in this article -

Free Tablet Scheme from the Government

Just like smartphones, you can get a free tablet from the government of America. This free government tablet is limited to one per household and you should go through eligibility criteria. You should be one of the various scheme participants. This tablet will help you to connect with your friends and family through video calls and also help you to learn.

This Free Government tablet comes with the following benefits -

  1. Free minutes every month
  2. Video calls to unlimited friends and family members
  3. Stay in touch with entertainment on the go
  4. Take notes, set reminders & many more
  5. Set Reminders, Alarm & more

Using the free gov tablet, you will get a one-time discount of up to $100 on the purchase. Generally, a tablet costs you $100 or if you are going for a branded one then it might be $300 or $400. So the discount is pretty much helpful.

How to Apply for ACP free government Tablet?

If you want to claim the government free Tablet offer then you need to follow the below-mentioned process -

Try to Contact your Provider

You need to identify which service provider provides these benefits and approach them.

Below in this article, we have mentioned a few service providers who are offering free tablets.

Connect with ACP Support Center:

You can call the ACP Support center on this number, (877) 384-2575 to get help regarding anything to free cell phone government funded. Please make sure to call 7 days a week, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET and you can also email them

Support staff can help you with -

  • Documents needed
  • Companies in your area
  • Status of your ACP application
  • Resetting your phone
  • Assistance with the ACP Household worksheet

Check if you are eligible or not

The important thing in this aspect is whether you qualify for a free tablet or not. Eligibility criteria are mentioned below -

  • Medicaid approved letter
  • Verification letter for SNAP benefit program
  • Federal public housing benefit award letter
  • School breakfast program
  • Received an award Federal Pell Grant in the current year

Eligibility based on Income:

  • Annual return copy
  • Current income statement from your employer
  • Unemployment statement benefits
  • Social security statement of benefits
  • Pension statement of benefits
  • Veteran Administration document
  • Child support award
  • Divorce Decree

Once you confirm this, you need to apply to get a free tab which might also require your Social Security Number (SSN) and further details of you. Along with that, you will also need a soft copy of any of the above-mentioned documents for discount qualification.

Application for Free Tablet:

First, you need to apply to the national verifier website at and click on Apply Now. You will have to fill out all the details like name, address, & how you qualify. You will have to upload supporting documents for the same.

Once you get approval from the national ACP website, you will have to apply to your network provider.

Once you apply, it will take 7-10 working days and if it takes longer then please check your ACP application status.

Mentioned here are the service providers that provide these ACP benefits -

QLink Wireless Free Tablet Offer

QLink Wireless is one of the leading ACP providers nationwide, working in many states of the USA. To enroll please visit and enter your zip to check eligibility. Also, check out all the processes, please read our article on how to get a QLink government tablet for free.

Free Tablet from Stand up Wireless

Stand-up Wireless has been authorized by the US government to offer $100 off on the purchase of a tablet and as per FCC norms, the company will charge you only $10.01. The tablet can work on Wi-Fi and Standup mobile networks and will require an app like Skype to make or receive calls.

You can visit to know more.

TruConnect Free Tablet:

TruConnect is a listed ACP service provider in more than 25 states of America. Their free tablet comes with unlimited data in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, Texas, Utah, New Jersey, Nebraska, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Georgia, Wisconsin, Washington, Puerto Rico, Minnesota, Idaho, Colorado, & US Virgin Island states.


Easy Wireless ACP Free Tablet:

Alongside the free tablet offer, Easy Wireless also offers a $ 30-a-month discount on monthly phone bills. If you want to apply, then visit to enroll and fill out the online application to get assistance with a free tablet and smartphone.

Assurance Free Tablets:

Assurance Wireless offers discounted tablets on its platform. It has this offer running in more than 35 states of the USA. You can read our guide on how to get a free Government Tablet through Assurance Wireless.

My Tablet ACP

With no contract and no monthly fees, offers a pre-qualified tablet on the T-Mobile network for an $11 + $38 one-time setup fee.

Excess Telecom Tablet:

Free Excess Telecom tablet are now available for approved ACP users who are using phones with the Excess network.

Does Cintex Wireless provide free tablet via ACP?

Yes, they do provide a free tablet under the ACP program to eligible households.

Which tablet will I get under ACP?

When you apply for an ACP free tablet, and you are confirmed to get one, you will get one but the brand or the maker isn't known. Neither your service provider knows which tablet you will get nor will you get the details of it. You will come to know once you receive the device.

This new tablet will include all the latest features like Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and SIM cards in a few models. But you can assume you will get one of the following tablets -

The list of devices provided may vary from time to time and the availability of stocks under the ACP free tablet program.

Where is the ACP free tablet available?

The Affordable Connectivity Program is available in all the major states of the United States. However, not all carriers support all states Choice Wireless has permission to offer ACP services in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona states only. Similarly, in your state, there might be different ACP providers.

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So that's all about the ACP Free Tablet from the Government, the procedure to apply, and other details. Many have chosen to go with QLink Wireless for the free tab, but you can call the network operator in your area, check out with neighbors, or search online to know which mobile network provider has a license to sell ACP phones, tablets, and laptops in your state. Also, read the Affordable Connectivity Program Laptop offer details.

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