BLU G91S Review, specs, features

BLU G91S Review, Specs, Pros & Cons - Best at $230

Check out unlocked BLU G91S review, price on Amazon, specifications full, pros and cons. The BLU G Series is through an incredible Mission Impossible run with the launch of BLU G9, G9 Pro, G90, G90 Pro, G91, G91 Pro. It has further expanded with the launch of new BLU G91S mobile phone. We have added this device to the newest BLU phone and you can also check out upcoming BLU mobile list. Going through the BLU G91S specifications, it's a BLU's own flagship model(front-runner). Statistically, it is a successor to BLU G91 Pro mobile. We might still need to wait… Read More

BLU 5G Phone Release Date, Rumoured Specifications, & News

BLU phones with 5G are here. Check out the best BLU 5G phones to buy right now. Smartphone technologies are mostly based on trends in the industry. Last year it was a dual-camera setup on the rear side. Among various trending technologies in recent years, it will be 5G and foldable screens in smartphones. Vivo has already unveiled Apex 2019, the first real phone with 5G and within two years of development, new Samsung phones are launched with 5G in all ranges. Sony, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, and other brands have adopted use of 5G. BLU Products as a leading… Read More

BLU F91 5G Review, Price, Specs, Pros, Cons - First BLU 5G Phone

Check out BLU F91 review, price in the USA on Amazon, release date, specifications, pros and cons. BLU Products has filed an application for the BLU F91 mobile phone approval to Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Along with it, there are many other mobile phones line up for the launch by the BLU Products and to name some, we have BLU G91 Max, BLU G71L, BLU G61S, & BLU G91S. You can keep track of them in the new BLU phone launches article. So here we will talk about BLU F91 specs, features, and online reviews. BLU F91 could be the new… Read More

BLU Waterproof Phone - Latest & New 2022 List

Check out the latest BLU waterproof phone that you can buy (latest and new). Waterproof phones have their own advantages over regular mobiles, but opting for them unless and until you have specific requirements can be a costly option. So that's why waterproof phones are for those who have a risk of losing their mobile phones while working and are preferably chosen by those who are working at construction sites or mines or at places where they are unbearable conditions like dust, water, sand, fire, smoke or air pollution. Apart from great budget phones BLU also makes some amazing waterproof… Read More

BLU G71L Review, Specifications, Pros, Cons & Price Details

Check out BLU G71L review, specifications, pros, cons, features and price details. We all know BLU Products is a well known unlocked smartphone maker in the USA. The BLU Bold Like us brand continues to launch a flurry of handsets, and mostly these are the upgraded models that comes with the latest specifications. For example, BLU G91 Pro follow-up model was launched as G91S and now G71 successor will be called as BLU G71L. Here in this article we will be going through Check out BLU G71L review, specifications, pros, cons and price details. Going through BLU G71L G0710WW specs,… Read More