BLU Phone Camera Not Working - Fix the Normal Camera Errors

BLU Phone Camera Not WorkingBLU Phone Camera Not Working

Do you see BLU Phone Camera Error on your mobile? Here is how to fix BLU Phone Camera not working or BLU Phone Camera upside Down or any such BLU camera error.

A mobile phone is a device that you use 24 x 7. As such, you might encounter several problems and issues while using it. The issues can be of display, performance, battery, or in the camera. We have already gone through a guide on how to remove the back cover in order to replace the battery and here is the guide on how to fix BLU Phone Camera Error.

BLU Phone Camera Not Working

If you see that camera on BLU mobile phone or Bule mobile is not working or isn't functional, then don't get panicked. Don't even overthink that what happened to my phone? Or even don't perform any quick actions for a quick resolution.

Sit down and analyze what could have led to the problem.

Here is the guide on how to fix BLU camera error -


In order to fix this camera issue of any kind, then please restart your phone as soon as possible. Restarting your mobile fixes most of the common errors on smartphones.

If it doesn't work, then you will have to visit BLU Service center or BLU customer care and then identify the problem.

If your device is under warranty then you can claim the same as free device repair will be accepted as a new phone warranty for atleast 1 year on the device and 6 months on accessories and battery.

Trying Installing Android Camera Apps:

From Play Store you will find a number of camera apps. You can install any one of those and try to see if it's working or not. Among the options available, Google Camera is the best.

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So that was the guide on how to fix the BLU phone camera error.

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