How to Remove Back Battery Cover on BLU Cell Phones

Remove Back Battery Cover on BLU Cell Phones

Back covers on phones are delicate. Follow the process mentioned below in order to Remove Back Battery Cover on BLU Cell Phones.

BLU Products launches several smartphones of various types. Although this year we have seen other OEMs like Samsung, and Huawei launching the 5G smartphone and Foldable phone, we are expecting it soon from BLU, maybe by 2020. Apart from dual-camera phones, BLU also has smartphones with a removable battery and several users have asked me on my BLU Facebook Group how to remove back battery cover on BLU Cell Phones. They ask for any smartphone like BLU G9, BLU Advance 5.2, and any other.

Removable battery phones have an advantage in them. Their battery is removable by users when the phone gets hung or even when the battery isn't providing backup, you can replace it with a new phone.

Is your phone not providing enough battery life or hanging?

You have arrived at the right place to fix this issue without the help of any BLU Customer care representative.

Actually, it's quite easy to remove and this guide is also available in the BLU user manual as well. So without further wasting any time, here I will show you how to remove the back cover -

If your phone has a removable battery then you can remove the battery easily otherwise you will have to void the warranty on your device. Check on the box, it will be written or else you can have a quick search on GSMArena for phone specifications where it will be mentioned whether the battery is removable or not. Like for example, the BLU Advance L4 comes with a removable battery as seen on the website -

Image Source: GSMArena

Once you know that the battery is removable, follow this guide -

  • Turn your phone so that the back of it is clearly visible.
  • Now on the edges of the phone, you will notice some openings.
  • You just need to put your thumb's nail to open it.
  • Slowly move around the bezel of the phone to open all the easy locks.

There you go, the back cover is now removed.

Here is the video guide to do it -

Do let us know if you aren't able to remove the back cover of your phone. If you still persist in the problem, it's recommended you contact BLU customer care.

BLU Phone Non-Removable Back Cover

Now the latest generation of smartphones is coming out with a non-removable back cover which means that you can't even replace the battery by yourself. On the latest BLU phones like BLU G90 Pro, G90, Bold N1, the back cover isn't removable. You will need an expert for this purpose or a person who has a minimum knowledge about smartphone repair.

BLU Phone Non-Removable Battery

BLU is coming out with smartphones with non-removable batteries.

We have come up with BLU Mobile phone guides and here is the full series -

How to Remove back cover on BLU phone

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Is the Back Cover on BLU F91 Removable?

No, BLU F91, the first 5G BLU phone doesn't come with a removable back cover.

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How to Remove Back Battery Cover on BLU Cell Phones
Back covers on phones are delicate. Follow the process mentioned below in order to Remove Back Battery Cover on BLU Cell Phones.
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