How to get a Free Sky Devices Government Phone - ACP Program

free Sky Devices Government Phonefree Sky Devices Government Phone

Sky Devices government phone is been distributed if you opt for any network on US FeD run ACP free mobile phone plan.

We all know that you can get a free smartphone or a tablet PC or a laptop if you are included as a verified customer through the state government-run Affordable Connectivity program. There are hundreds of networks in America that office this service and all of them provide affordable sky device government phones to all customers. So let's check out what you get with a Sky phone or Sky tablet and its specifications after which list all the Sky devices products available right now.

A girl using Sky devices phone (smartphone) provided via ACP Program

Sky Devices Government Phone

Emergency broadband benefit commonly referred to as EBB was renamed to an affordable connectivity program in 2021 by the US government due to several people losing their jobs or going homeless after the Coronavirus pandemic. Through this program, the qualifying customers will get up to 75 discount on phone billing every month and a free phone. That's not all you also get one time discount of $100 on the purchase of a tablet or a laptop.

Surely a great program designed for those who need it.

How to Get a Free Sky phone from Government:

I don't know where you have arrived on this page looking for information on sky device government phone but let me help you with your query.

In order to get a free Sky Device government phone, you need to apply for inclusion under the ACP program. You can check your ACP application at any time but usually, the application process will take 10 working days. If you are unsure where to apply, then please refer to our guide on how to find a government phone dealer near me

and make sure to read the terms and conditions related to this scheme.

Since your network has tied up with all different phone manufacturers it's no guarantee that you will get a Sky device phone. You will either get a budget Samsung Galaxy Phone or a free Apple iPhone or any other brand phone. It generally depends on the stock available with your network provider or with the ACP team.

I hope you get what you are looking for.

Sky Phones List

The following phones from the sky are being currently sold -

  • Sky Elite B65
  • Sky Elite Max
  • Sky Elite A6
  • Sky Elite BlackMax
  • Sky Elite A65
  • & Many more but older devices

You can get any one of those although the latest one is always preferred. The company keeps adding new devices regularly every quarter or at least once in 6 months.

Sky Mobile Internet:

You get free Internet via 4G/3G mobile data every month with the network operator you provide.

Sky Devices Government Tablet Phone number

Sadly there is no phone number officially provided by the company but you can call on (305) 531-5218 or contact them on Instagram or Facebook page or via email or through live chat support. Visit this page for support. You can further call on the ACP program's official numbers.

Visible Government phones

All Government Phone companies

Safelink free Tablet

So that's all we know about the Sky Devices Government Phone. If you have any other queries you can contact your network provider for further details.

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How to get a Sky Devices Government Phone - ACP Program
Sky Devices government phone is been distributed if you opt for any network on US FeD run ACP free mobile phone plan.
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