There are various initiatives taken by US Government to support the needy who have low income or fall into the poverty line.

Lifeline Assistance program, Obama phone(first started by Barack Obama), and free government phone are the popular programs the government has undertaken. It also has several tribal benefit programs too.

US Fed ran Affordable Connectivity program entitles you to get free phone service with voice and data per month. The individual has to meet the specific eligibility criteria to get a free government phone.

The easiest way to get your hands on a free phone under the ACP program is to search for "free government phone stand near me" in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo or visit the official website for more details. But the internet is full of various helpful pages which may be outdated or there isn't correct information. Here we have provided full details on how to find free government phone stands near me or nearby your location.

A free government phone provider will help you to get a free phone along with monthly voice and data benefits. They will also tell you about the eligibility and the procedure to apply to get such free benefits. Assurance Wireless, Cintex Wireless, and SFone Wireless does that and every other approved Lifeline provider should do that.

How to Locate Free Government Phone Providers Nearby:

Are you looking for an ACP provider near you? Is it hard for you to find one operator that supports the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Here are steps taking you through the ACP providers list -

    • Open the official page of the Affordable Connectivity Government site. You can click on this link to directly go to Locate me section. You can view this on your mobile, desktop, or laptop.
    • Now you will have to enter any of the following to find free government phone companies in your area -
      1. ZIP Code
      2. City or State Name
    • You will get a list of various network operators within your vicinity along with their phone number, and the type of service that it offers (broadband-only or mobile services).
    • The list can be printed or downloaded in digital format like CSV, XLS, or PDF.

Note down those operators in your area or city and contact them to locate a store nearby. Most of the services have become so advanced that you needn't have to visit their store infact you can get them sitting at home online.

It's a hassle-free process and if you are stuck anywhere, you are a just call away.

We should praise how the data is managed by the US government in keeping up with those lists.

Free Government Tablet Offer

So that's how to find or locate free Government Phone stands near me and the procedure on how to apply is pretty straightforward. Go for it.