How to Fix Android Screen Recording Not Working

In this guide check out how to fix Android Screen Recording not working error on phone/tablet. The screen recording feature on Android will allow you to video record what's on your smartphone display. Once the function is enabled/Turned On, whatever is on the display will be recorded and saved as a video. Chris Daniel in our Tech Facebook group asked us a question why is the Android screen recording not… Read More

Free Cell Phone Services with Torch Wireless - Review, Pros, Cons, ACP Benefits

A number of telecom networks small or big have started offering government-run free smartphone schemes to eligible customers in America. Among the popular includes Cricket Wireless, QLink Wireless, Assurance Wireless, TruConnect, Standup Wireless, and Cintex Wireless. In this article we will go through Torch Wireless ACP program details, what it offers, how to apply, pros and cons. As an ACP provider, Torch Wireless offers free wireless phone service, which is… Read More

Sky Pad 10 Max Tablet with Android 13 Announced

Check out Sky Pad 10 Max tablet specifications, features, pros, cons and reviews. Sky Devices has announced the addition of the SkyPad 10 Max tablet PC to its portfolio. The Max variant of SkyPad comes with many improvements over its predecessor i.e., Sky Pad 10, some of which include the latest Android version and good storage. So with that, we go through the SkyPad 10 Max review, specifications, features, pros… Read More

Amazing Facts about the QLink Wireless Scepter 8 Tablet

There is a lot of talking about free tablet PCs, and people get excited when they hear the term free. We have talked a lot about Sky Devices supplying government phones and tablets, here we go through details on the Scepter 8 tablet. Scepter 8 Tablet: We know that you get a free tablet PC when you sign up for the ACP program with QLink Wireless. You will have to… Read More

Networks that Supports Bring Your Own Tablet - Plans

Just like Bring Your Own Phone, there is the concept of Bring Your Own Tablet adopted by a few MVNOs and networks in the USA. Here we are going to talk about networks that support Bring Your Own Tablet (BYOT) and Bring Your Own Tablet plans available by various telecom operators in the USA. Bring Your Own Tablet: You have a tablet and looking for a new one or to… Read More

Tesla Phone: Everything You Need to Know About

Everything to know about Elon Musk's Tesla phone such as release date, pre-order, features, and more. Tesla needs no introduction for young enthusiasts. It has already revolutionized the automobile industry and plans to enter the technology field by entering the market. Following the rumors, Tesla is expected to develop a Model Pi/P phone soon. But, there is no official clue for this piece of news. All this stemmed from a… Read More

Hot Pepper Phone Reviews - Latest Phones

Apart from Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, Alcatel, Xiaomi, TCL, ZTE & OnePlus, there are many small unknown or little-known companies like Sky Devices, Ulefone, Blackview, Doogee, CAT, and Hot Pepper. These companies have a very small audience and they make devices for one or the other MVNOs and are made for sale in one country. Let's go through Hot Pepper phone reviews, pros, cons, and the models available right… Read More

DTC Communications ACP, Internet Bill Pay Online, Plans in Woodbury TN

Check out DTC Internet Bill Pay, Tech, DTC Outage, Customer service phone number & DTC Woodbury plans. Just like Cathect, Natural Wireless, Cox & Frontier, DTC Wireless is one of the Internet service providers in the United States. It primarily operates in the state of some cities and towns in Tennessee. Although there are Satellite Internet providers like Hughesnet and Viasat, DTC Wireless offers services through wires and fiber optics.… Read More

What is the Newest iPhone Out in 2024

If you are wondering what is the newest iPhone model out, yes then here I am to help you with the new iPhone 2024. These days it has become customary for Apple Inc. to launch a new iPhone model with 3-4 four variants every year. But until Tim Cook took over as chief executive officer, the company used to launch only two variants of the newest iPhone. Maybe this move… Read More

Do New Phones Have Warranty?

Do new phones have a warranty? Sounds like a dumb or novice user question but more than once it was asked on our Tech Group on Facebook and here is my answer to it. New Phones Warranty New phone launch is now every day's story and BLU Products itself launches atleast one mobile phone every month. Most of them are budget devices suitable for consumers looking to buy mobile under… Read More

Everything to know about Apple HomeOS for Smart Home Devices

Apple Inc has several products in the line of mobile devices, smart watch known as 'Apple Watch', tablets known as the iPad, and laptops in the line of Macbooks. For each of these categories, Apple has a separate operating system. From tablets a couple of years ago to smartwatches in recent years, the world is moving towards smart home gadgets. Apple has planned to unveil IoT gadgets, and they will… Read More