Everything to know about Apple HomeOS for Smart Home Devices

Apple HomeOS updateApple HomeOS update

Apple Inc has several products in the line of mobile devices, smartwatch known as 'Apple Watch', tablet known as iPad, laptops in the line of Macbooks. For each of these categories, Apple has a separate operating system. From tablets a couple of years ago to smartwatches in recent years, the world is moving towards smart home gadgets. Apple has planned to unveil IoT gadgets, and they will be using Apple HomeOS on it. Here we talk about What is Apple HomeOS, how to update it, and every detail about it.

Apple HomeOS

This has just hit the rumours before the scheduled HomeOS debut at WWDC event, and it comes just a couple of days ahead of the event. It so happened that Apple job listing mentioned "homeOS" a term never heard before and then Internet took over about this rumor after developer Javier Lacort tweeted this -

What is Apple HomeOS?

Just like WatchOS, tvOS, HomeOS is a specially designed operating system for Apple's smart home gadgets.

HomeOS Details:

Initial Release WWDC 2021
Developer Apple Inc
Marketing Type Smart Home Gadgets
Update Method OTA
Latest Release HomeOS 1.0
Upcoming HomeOS version HomeOS 2.0
Written in C, C++, assembly language

How to Update Apple HomeOS:

Follow the process mentioned below in order to get HomeOS update -

  • HomeOS OTA Update:  Through OTA updates you can easily update smart home gadgets.
  • Manual update: You can even update Apple Smart Home devices manually too.

What Devices Work with HomeOS?

As of now, it's unclear which devices will work with HomeOS but we can expect the launch of the first smart home gadget from Apple at the upcoming fall event this year. It's believed that this latest Apple OS could be powering home speakers, IoT tools to control your home lights and security. This could be the OS for Apple products in the niche of -

  • Air Conditioners
  • Air Purifiers
  • Bridges
  • Cameras
  • Doorbells
  • Fans
  • Faucets
  • Garage Doors

Apple HomeOS Version Latest:

As of now, the HomeOS 1.0 is the latest version.

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All versions will be available for download just like the IPSW file for Apple iPhones.

Apple HomeOS Update:

When HomeOS was released at the WWDC event, it ran on the version 1 update.

HomeOS Beta:

There will be several intermediate beta update for developers and registered testers.

So that was all about the Apple HomeOS update, the latest version, and how to update guide.

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Apple has planned to unveil IoT gadgets and they will be using Apple HomeOS on it. Here we talk about What is Apple HomeOS, how to update, and every detail about it.
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