How to Fix Boost Mobile Data not Working - 5G Cant Connect

Boost Mobile data not working; Boost Mobile 5G problem

If you are one of those who are complaining about your Boost Mobile data not working on your mobile phone then you have arrived at the right place for the right information. Is it frustrating? Is it confusing whether it's a phone issue or a network provider issue? Whatever your question, I, Yogesh Khetani, a telecommunication engineer can help you to get proper mobile data reception on your mobile phone. So why are we waiting let's get started for the reasons why my mobile data on Boost isn't working and what are the things that you can and can't do.

Boost Mobile Data not Working:

Boost Mobile is one of the leading network providers in the United States of America owned by Dish Wireless. It was the various mobile plans for customers for calls and mobile data. However, as a service provider, it has to deal with several issues related to connectivity and phone calls. You can read whole Wikipedia article here and the official website of the company is

A woman Frustrated during US Cellular network outage

So, in this article, we will go through the following topics of discussion -

Boost Mobile 5G

Just imagine you are watching the Apple Cup match between Washington Cougars vs. State, and your Internet isn't going off and doesn't work. You will be definitely betraying your network provider for that.

If you have trouble accessing 5G/4G LTE (signal reception or slow mobile data), it could be for several reasons. We have gone through a separate guide on how to fix 5G not working on your phone. Here are the various basic troubleshooting that you should do it by yourself in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible -

Toggle Airplane Mode

Just toggling the Airplane mode ON and OFF might work wonders for you. This is the first step that you should take for almost every trouble.

It's a quick access button available from the top of your phone in the notification panel.

Reboot your Phone

When you have a problem with your mobile phone, then rebooting your device could solve your problem. At least 50% of mobile phone issues are fixed by simply rebooting the handset.

Poor Internet

Many people have reported slow or poor internet or signal reception on their mobile phones. This could be for several reasons and you can read on why my mobile data is slow


Preferred Network Mode

On your Plum Phone, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy, or LG mobile phone, you should check out the preferred network mode on your device. If it's set to 5G, then you might not receive the proper signal because 5G is still expanding.

You can apply '5G/4G/3G/2G Auto' mode on your phone for the best signal reception.

SIM Problems:

Problems on your phone related to signal reception or mobile data is maybe due to an old SIM card present on your device. Because 5G is new, it's recommended to get a 5G-compatible SIM.

Mobile Data Limit Exhausted:

Boost Mobile offers several plans to its customers based on monthly charges. These plans come with data limits and even though there is an unlimited plan with Boost it's not truly unlimited.

Once the data caps are reached, your download speed will be slowed down for the rest of the month. You can add data top-ups to get back the original speeds but charges are applied for such addons.

Reset APN Settings:

4G or 5G not working on Boost Mobile might be for the reason of the wrong APN, i.e., Access Point Names.

To resolve such issues, you can simply Reset your APN to default by going through Settings > Mobile Connections.


Don't try to run a VPN while using mobile data. You can do that on a Wi-Fi connection.

Don't try out Unlimited Data Hacks:

Have you recently followed any unlimited internet hack?

Bonus Tip: Boost Zone App

If you have the Boost Zone app installed on your phone, then try this -

  • From your home screen, tap on all apps and then select Boost Zone.
  • From this app, you need to tap on device diagnostic and look for the network.
  • Now it will show things -
    1. Passed means that your phone is connected to boost the data network
    2. Failed or flag: you need to update the data profile and if it is not working then we need to contact Boost customer care after trying out troubleshooting or diagnostic measures as mentioned here -
  • From the device diagnostic tap Network.
  • Tap Update Profile.
  • After the update is completed, tap OK.

If you haven't downloaded this app then you can skip this step.

Network Outage:

If you have a problem with Boost Mobile internet access, then it might be due to a technical glitch or network outage. Follow Boost on Twitter or Facebook to know whether Boost has notified users about network outages or not.

Reset Your Phone:

If nothing is working then it is time that you please take your mobile phone. Now before pressing the reset button there are some things that you need to understand. First, all the data present on your mobile phone like photos and videos will be deleted permanently, so you need to back it up secondly, we need to set up your mobile device refresh by providing login credentials for everything.

Contact Customer Care:

Still, if you are facing issues, then it's better to contact Boost Mobile customer care and talk to a real human agent, explain him/her your problem clearly, and see what is the actual problem.

Change your Network Provider:

If you are still facing the problem even after talking to customer care, then it's up to you to take a call on whether to stay with the network or move to another network.

Boost Mobile Data Not Working iPhone:

Whether you have an Android mobile or the latest Apple iPhone, this problem is related to network issues, and whatever you can do on your mobile phone is explained above. Please go through it if you have an iPhone.

US Cellular Data not working
Verizon 5G mobile data problem

Frontier Free Phone

Boost Mobile Hotspot Not Working:

When the hotspot is not working on your phone, you could simply dial 611 on your mobile to talk to a human at the Boost Mobile support center.

No Service:

If you see no service issue then it means that there is no network coverage in that particular area.

Final Words:

So that was level by level troubleshooting guide on how to fix Boost mobile data not working issue on Android and iPhone. I hope the problem is fixed and if it's not, I would recommend you to take the help of our Facebook community or you can put it up in Quora where some one experience like me would be happy to help you.

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