Why is Mobile Data Slow - How to Fix the Issue

Why is Mobile Data Slow

Check out steps to troubleshooting why is mobile data slow or not working issues.

Mobile data working slow or not working is quite irritating. For many, atleast for me, working on slow mobile data is very frustrating, if we want to stream a video or upload a picture on social media interruption of the network makes us upset. Actually, the reason for writing this article is that while I was working on a video for my YouTube channel at my new office, Wi-Fi was not installed, and I had to share mobile data via hotspot from my new Samsung mobile to the Dell laptop.

The data connection working slow or not working may have several reasons, sometimes it will be automatically fixed while some issues can take days to be solved and for some, you barely have a few options to fix it. Even though it's a common problem but in this digital world it can cause various losses.

Why is Mobile Data Slow?

Internet on your mobile phone can be slow due to the following reasons -

Poor Connection

Sometimes slow down of data may be caused due to bad network coverage in your location. Changing the location may sometimes help you with the connection. A good way to determine network qualities is to check the signal strength on your phone status bar. The higher the number of bars better the connection, thus the mobile download & upload speed.

Mobile Signal Strength as indicated by the arrow

Measure Signal Strenght: Signal Strength is measured in dBm i.e., decibel milliwatts and if you got an Android phone, you can check this value right on your mobile phone.

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone > Status > SIM status.
  2. Next to Network, you will see 'Signal Strength'.

If this issue persists more often, then you should check with the people who are using the same network connectivity. If they are too facing the same problem, you should contact network providers about poor connection issues.

You have Reached Mobile Data Limit

Usage of the internet for downloading files or streaming videos will result in high data usage. Once you have reached the threshold on your monthly data plan, your internet speed will be reduced by the internet service provider.

To check for data usage, you need to download the respective network app and create an Account. Once your account has been added to the app, it will show the data usage for the day and month. You can also check the data usage in the setting menu in the mobile data usage option.

Too Many Active Apps in Background

Running many apps may cause the usage of heavy mobile data in the background. If you are streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, or any other app which requires streaming or downloading multiple files, no doubt a lot of data usage results in a slow data connection.

Your Cache is Full

All the data you browse will be stored in the browser. The website you visit more often will load quickly. If the browser cache is full it will slow down your browsing speed, so make sure to clear the cache.

Restart your Phone

This is the old but best way to fix the cliché, a quick restart of the phone will help in getting a good network connection. This is how you can restart your phone -

  • For most Android users, you just need to hold the power button until the power option appears on the screen. Then click on restart or power off.
  • For iPhone users, without the home button, press and hold the side button either the volume up button or volume down button until a slide to power off appears on the screen. To again turn on the device, hold the side button(Power button).

Network Settings Need a reset

Sometimes a mix-up of several things may cause a slow data connection. Here are the quick steps for network settings and reset both for Android and iOS users.

Android: Settings > General management > Reset > Reset Network Settings

iPhone: Settings> General > Reset > Reset network settings

Once you have done that. Check if it fixes the problem or not.

You are using an old SIM

If you are using a SIM which is 4 to 6 years old or if you have a 3G SIM card, then switch to a 4G or 5G capable SIM card for faster connectivity. 5G is the latest cellular technology but 4G SIM also has a faster connection and if on 5G network you might face a few network coverage issues. High-end mobile is of no use if you have an outdated SIM. Contact your service provider for a new SIM card.

Reinserting your SIM card may also help in underlying this issue. Android device SIM card slot will be on the side, top, bottom, or behind the back cover if your phone has a removable battery. On most iPhones, the SIM card is located on the right edge of the phone below the side button. You can also Google the phone model and find the SIM card location of your phone.

Phone Data Slow After Update:

If you are complaining about why is mobile data slow after updating your mobile phone which can be on Sprint, Verizon Wireless or AT&T Wireless, it can be due to the software update itself. For troubleshooting such an issue, it's recommended to turn on 4G mode or auto mode under "Preferred Network Mode" under Settings.

Why is My Verizon Data Slow?

If you are facing any network issues on your Verizon mobile phone, then it might be for any of the above reasons. Try going through the above troubleshooting guide and see if the issue gets fixed or not. Alternatively, go through a guide on how to fix Verizon mobile data not working.

QLink Data Not Working

Why is my Tethering not working

Samsung Download Speed slow?

If you are facing any issue of slow upload or download speed on Samsung unlocked phone

, then try to fix it using the mentioned above steps.
Now you know why is your mobile data slow. If nothing above helped you in fixing your problem, then there might be some issue from the service provider's end which can be only fixed by the provider. So, call your service provider and get fixed the issue.

Why is my Data so slow All of a Sudden?

All of a sudden if your data becomes slow or when you see video quality changed or video stopped abruptly then it might be possible that you have reached your mobile data limits. Check if you have any monthly or daily data caps? This will solve your problem of slow mobile data all of a sudden.

Change Your Phone:

If you still can't fix the issue with your phone, then it's better to get a new phone or atleast try to insert your phone SIM card into another mobile phone temporarily and see how is the data speed. It if is good or better than your old mobile phone, you know what to do. Get a new phone and we have suggested many mobile phones in the range of $200, $100, 5G Flip phones, and mobile phones with good battery backup and large storage phones with 1 TB.

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