Why is my Hotspot not Working? Tethering Disabled

Why is my Hotspot not Working

When you are traveling or away from home, the hotspot is the solution to get an Internet connection on your laptop using a smartphone. This feature was introduced in smartphones, i.e., mobile devices with a touchscreen was introduced. But what if there is no solution for you to get any internet from anywhere? Here are the reasons why is my hotspot not working and a detailed guide on how to fix it.

So will we learn the following in the article -

What is a mobile hotspot?

Mobile Hotspot lets you share phone cellular data with a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any device that is capable to receive Wi-Fi. Portable hotspots and public hotspots are the two types of hotspots.

  • AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Cricket are various portable hotspots. These operators use a mobile network to connect to the Internet, and they might have allowed or not allowed sharing mobile data with other devices. You can check it out with your provider, or maybe you might need a valid mobile data-sharing plan.
  • A Public hotspot connection provides you with free Internet access at metro stations, airports, and cafés like Starbucks, KFC, & others restaurants or public places. Check out stores near me.

How does a Hotspot work?

All smartphones either new or old ones have a mobile hotspot through which you can share cellular data with other devices. It treats a cellular connection like a broadband modem and uses the data to distribute it to a wireless network as if it were a router. Using a mobile hotspot can cut down your battery life in half because it extracts more battery and if you have that problem then we recommend going out with a mobile phone with good battery life. You also need to add an extra expense for your current mobile plan, if your mobile supports it all.

There are three types of mobile hotspots -

  • Bluetooth tethering: Share internet via Bluetooth, works devices that have Bluetooth
  • USB tethering: Normally used to share data to a PC by connecting it via a USB cable
  • Wi-Fi tethering: A very popular and commonly used option to share mobile data wirelessly

Setting up a Mobile hotspot

For Android Users

  • Start the Settings > Connections > Mobile Hotspot
  • Turn on the mobile hotspot slider or simply tap
  • The Network name and Password will be displayed to you. You can change the password at your convenience

For iPhones and iPad

  • Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot
  • Turn on Allow others to join
  • The network name and password will appear on the screen

Mobile Hotspot Not Working

Your internet sharing might not work for the following reasons -

Internet Connection

To get an internet connection on tablets and laptops, a lot of Android users share the internet through mobile in the current data plan. A lot of data will be deducted if the internet is shared through a mobile hotspot. This may be one of the reasons for the hotspot not working. The hotspot will be connected to another device, but the web page can't be loaded. So it is recommended to set a daily limit for your data plan to avoid this issue. You can also ask your service provider to enroll in an unlimited data plan.

Restart and turn off battery saving mode

Sometimes a simple restart may also fix the issue. You just need to turn your phone off and then turn it on. Make sure your battery-saving mode is off.

Tesla Pi Phone

Turning off the battery-saving mode may also interfere with connecting to a mobile hotspot. Here how are you can turn off battery-saving mode.

For Android Users

  • Open Settings > Battery > Battery Saver or Power Saver
  • Tap the Power saving mode switch, or turn it off now on some phones

For iPhone Users

Connect to the network and make sure you are entering the correct password

A simple mistake may also interrupt connecting to the hotspot. After selecting the Wi-Fi you choose to connect, make sure to type the incorrect password. If you have previously connected to the hotspot but entered an incorrect password, then you might be unable to connect to the network. To solve this, open the Wi-Fi settings, and follow this process -

Tap on Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi, select the network, and then tap on Forget the network. This will remove the network and if you decide to add it again then enter the correct password, and you will be connected to the internet.

Problem with Receiving Device

Sometimes the problem will be in the device you are trying to connect, which is the internet connection receiver's phone. This may be due to some software or hardware failure, preventing it from connecting to the device.

Total Wireless Hotspot

Spectrum Mobile Hotspot

This can be solved by connecting the device to some other smartphone, laptop, or tablet. If it connects to another device, the problem persists in the receiver's smartphone.

Try Bluetooth Tethering

Sharing the internet through Bluetooth is the traditional way of connecting to the internet. Although this is slower than Wi-Fi it is the best alternative to share the internet with other devices.

Enable Bluetooth tethering by going through the -

  • Open Settings > Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering
  • Turn on the slider of Bluetooth tethering.

Now you can share your internet data by pairing it to the device.

Reset Your Network Settings

Android users can reset network settings to clear the cache. It will erase all Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-connected devices. To reset your network settings, follow the steps -

  • Go to Settings app > System > Advanced > Reset options, and select the reset Wi-Fi, mobile Bluetooth option.
  • The device will clear off all the previous network settings.

Now try to connect to a new hotspot connection on your phone and check whether the hotspot is working.

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Why my Hotspot is not Showing on other Devices

Sometimes the issue maybe not be on the hotspot device but on the signal reception on the receiving handset. Here is what you can do -

  1. Reboot Your Phone: Rebooting your handset might solve most problems
  2. Try Alternative Modes: On the hotspot device, try out USB or Bluetooth tethering if the Wi-Fi hotspot isn't working
  3. Check Whether Wi-Fi Isn't Turned ON: If Wi-Fi is turned ON and connected to a Wi-Fi router then on your Plum Phone or any other handset you might not be able to connect to your corresponding hotspot device

Why does my Hotspot Say No Internet:

When your hotspot says no internet, it simply means that you have a problem accessing the web on your handset. You can do this -

  • Restart Hotspot Device: You can turn it OFF and turn it back ON to see whether this fixes the issue or not
  • Mobile Data Limits Reached: Check whether you haven't reached your mobile data limits
  • Hotspot Limit Reached: Certain network applies hotspot limits, i.e., the maximum data that can be shared from the hotspot device

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We hope this post helped in solving why is my hotspot problem on iPhone & Android and for queries feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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