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Sky Tablet: Learn about Free Sky devices government tablet & one-time discount offer & how to get one.

Operating under the brand name Sky devices offers smartphones, feature phones, tablets, wearables smart security, and smart televisions to customers in the United States of America. To tell you more about the company, hazard's goal is to create high-tech handheld devices that offer durability, the latest technology, & security at an affordable price tag. It has headquartered in Miami, Florida. As such, if you want a tablet for education or other purposes then you can apply for the Sky tablet provided by the government. Further, they are been sold as ACP-free government tablets by various network operators.

Tablets are becoming more popular devices in the field of education and business. Shirley not everyone can afford a tablet. Any decent tablet is priced at nothing less than 100 dollars and for this reason, the government has authorized some wireless providers to offer free tablets and sky devices is one of the authorized partners providing a free tablet for low-income families.

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Sky Tablet:

Several Lifeline-supported mobile networks provide free sky government tablets and phones. These free government mobiles and tablets are off mid-range to entry level specifications and may not be suitable for many purposes like business or high functions like video editing and more kinds of stuff that consume high RAM and resources. Sadly, you don't have any choice apart from accepting any model or brand provided by the government when you choose free mobile devices at Lifeline provider. Last but not least, you have the option to upgrade Sky device mobile device to a new one at any time. If you have got a Sky devices government tablet, then this should be good news for you. Hip hip hurray!

What you get

First of all, let's talk about what you get when you choose a government tablet, and what you receive is my device. When you are a new Sky mobile customer, you will get an introductory SIM with unlimited text and calls along with a 100 MB data plan per account. Is that enough? No, but something is better than nothing, and what can you expect from a free service?

What is Sky Devices Government Tablet:

Under the Federal Lifeline assistant program, you get a free tablet from the company that you have opted for, and it's manufactured by Sky Devices. Let me tell you that Sky Devices is a manufacturing company that doesn't offer free government phones & tablets, instead network providers choose it to stock or not.

While applying to be part of the ACP program, if you are claiming the tablet benefits then please talk to your agent at the network provider, he will help you better.

Sky Devices Government Phone

As a participating ACP network provider, apart from Sky Tablet, the government also offers a smartphone along with a monthly discount of $30 on phone billing. This discount can be up to $75 if you are living on qualifying tribal lands.

How to apply for a free Sky tablet?

The process of applying for Sky free tablet it's simple. You need to apply for a free tablet program by filling out a form or application. It's the same as that of other networks, including Excess telecom tablet offers and if you are looking for other networks then check out all ACP network providers lists. This form requires you to fill in some information about yourself, and you should make sure that they are 100% correct because there is a verification process in the background after you submit the form or application because this is provided to eligible customers only.

You will need the following documents along with the application -

  • Address proof
  • Income proof or Salary slip or Student ID proof
  • Photo ID proof
  • Eligibility proof document

Talking the best provider that offers Sky tablet with good plans is Cavery Communications and Consulting. As an associate Lifeline provider, it offers unlimited calls and text along with 3 GB of monthly data on an AT&T network. That's definitely a great choice because some operators offer only 100 MB of data.

Here is the process on how you can apply for a Sky government phone through Cavery Communications -

  1. Open Cavery communication website.
  2. Read the requirements carefully and get them in digital format, i.e., you need a soft copy to upload them.
  3. When you are done, click on Submit.

You can contact Cavery Communication support for help.

Apart from this tablet is also been provided to select customers of AirTalk Wireless and Excess Telecom.

Free Sky Devices Government Tablet List:

Among the latest free sky devices government tablet includes -

  • Sky Elite T8 Plus
  • Sky MaxView
  • Sky Elite OctaMax 1
  • Sky Elite T8 tablet
  • Sky Platinum View 2
  • Sky Vision2
  • Sky Platinum A7
  • Sky Elite Octa
  • Sky Kid tablet
  • Sky Elite T10
  • Sky Pad 10

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Sky Tablet Upgrade:

If you are provided with a basic tablet along with the EBB program, you can upgrade to the latest tablet as provided by Sky by visiting your network opted for Government phone stands nearby or you need to contact your network provider's customer service agent for further help.


In rare cases, you might lose this tablet and in such case, you can ask for a replacement of your phone or tablet by paying a small fee to your ACP network provider.


A government-funded free tablet from Sky devices under the Lifeline program by Federal Communications Commission(FCC) is certainly worth considering, provided you are lucky enough to get it when you sign up for the program. But sadly, neither you nor your network provider has the right to provide the tablet which you are looking for. So that's all we have in the Sky tablet article.

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