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Time to get 3D avatars for profile now. Here we go through the Best 3D Avatar Creator Apps 2020 for Android Smartphones.

At BLU Cell Phones we are normally focused on A to Z related to BLU Products but we are deviating a bit from it because unlike Xiaomi or Huawei or Samsung, there aren't many launches.

In a view to providing you with the latest info, there are 3D avatar apps as well and here we have gone through the top best 3D avatar creator apps for Android devices.

Why 3D Face Avatar Apps?

Emoji, avatars and memes have become famous. Instead of presenting someone with your original picture, you can use your digital image for representation on your social media profile. You can use it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace and other digital platforms. So why is 3D Avatar Android is required?

Best 3D Avatar Creator Apps 2020

Forget normal avatar (which are now referred to as 2D) as 3D avatars are here. With these apps/websites, you can create 3D avatars easily with few clicks. Until now normally users have to hire a graphic designer to get a 3D face avatar for their profile picture.

So, now that you know what's a 3D avatar, let's go through the top 3D avatar apps for Android -

These are also called as "3D Face avatar maker Android apps" because these apps are actually transforming your image to 3D look alike.

Zepeto 3D Avatar Android app

Zepeto is the first 3D avatar Android app that is quite popular now. This app was Snow Corporation allows users to make 3D avatar of themselves allowing them to hide their personal profile picture used everywhere.

You can say "3D avatar creator" began with this Zepeto.

Zepeto has got 3.3/5 rating on Google Play Store but it was down because the app was in the news for rumored that it was tracking users location. I believe there is no problem now.

Don't miss type it as Zepetto and most people are confused with Chinese word in the app. Alternatively if you don't prefer Chinese, you can try out other below mentioned Zepeto alternatives.

Download Zepeto for Android from here

Play Store App ratings: 3.9/5


Boomoji is yet another top 3D avatar creator Android app which as received 4.2/5 rating on Google Play Store.

Based on ratings, this is a must try to all those who want to cartoonish themselves.

Download Boomoji for Android from here

Play Store App ratings: 4.3/5

Xpresso 3D Animation/Anime Creator

The third app in this list is the Xpresso, which allows you to get 3D Animoji, 3D Gif, 3D Sticker (all refers same).

Download Xpresso 3D GIF app from Play Store

Update: This app has been removed from Play Store. I hope its coming back online.

IMVU: 3D Avatar Maker app

With over 0.3 million installs, IMVU is yet another famous 3D avatar maker app available for the Android platform. It further allows you to chat with your friends in 3D.

Download IMVU 3D app from Play Store

Play Store App ratings: 3.9/5

MyIdol 3D Avatar App

MyIdol 3D Avatar Creator is a well know app on App Store for iPhone but on Play Store it doesn't exist. You can download it via an alternative method i.e., APK for Android and install it on your phone. This will give you this 3D avatar maker app.

Download MyIdol 3D apk from here

App ratings: 4/5

3D Avatar Creator | Bemoji

This app from NixiCorp has hit the charts in Play store for 3D avatar maker app list. With a 3.6 star rating from the user, the app is definitely doing good but still needs some improvements.

Download IMVU 3D app from Play Store

Play Store App ratings: 3.6/5

Toontastic 3D

Made by Google LLC itself, this Toontastic 3D app is not actually a 3D profile avatar creator app but an app that allows you to draw, narrate and animate your own cartoons. It even can record your voice and the 3D animations can be stored to your device too. Interesting!

You can download Toonstastic 3d app from Play Store[Download link].

Play Store App ratings: 4.1/5

Face 3D Animation Video Maker

Do you know that you can create funny 3D video clips on your phone? You just have to install this Face in 3D Animation and create a funny scene that suits you. You just have to place a 3D animation of your face and you are good to have a hilarious video clip with your 3D face on it.

This app is loved by many as it gets 4.4-star ratings on Google Play Store.

Download Face in 3D Animation app from Play Store

Play Store App ratings: 4.4/5

Other 3D Emoji maker apps are -

Memoji - Your 3D Facemoji & AR Emoji Maker

Club Cooee

How to get Perfect Face 3D Avatar?

But before you go for 3D Facemoji maker apps, you will need to have a perfect Face photo of yours. Here is how you can have a perfect face pic of yours -

  • Find the perfect lighting for the picture
  • Find the best position
  • Have a clear face (remove hat or eyeglasses)
  • Try not to Smile in the photo
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So that was the best 3D Avatar creator Android apps. Wait for a couple of days as more and more 3D Android Apps will hit the Play Store and we will update the article accordingly.

Do let us know your view about it and stay tuned on BLUCellPhones.us for more such information.

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