How do I get ATT SIM Card Replacement - AT&T Universal Card

ATT SIM card replacement

AT&T Universal Card: Here is how you can get an ATT SIM Card replacement especially when 3G phases out.

Have you lost your AT&T SIM card or is it not working? Or perhaps you will need a new SIM card when 3G phases out in February 2022. We could help you to get a new AT&T SIM card replaced and also select a new unlocked phone within your budget of $100 or $200.

Before we being our article, let us talk in something more detail about AT&T. AT&T is one of the four (now three as T-Mobile acquired Sprint) largest networks in the United States of America. The network serves services to more than 192 million postpaid and 25 million prepaid customers. Compared to 2007, the wireless subscriber count has tripled.

ATT SIM Card Replacement:

There are a number of ways in which you can get a new SIM card when your older SIM isn't working. You can also request a new 5G compatible SIM when you get a 5G compatible device with the network. As of now, 5G might be new and might not be working in some areas but the network is improving and soon there will be many budget smartphones with this new technology.

Here is how you can place a request for a new AT&T SIM card -

  1. First, should you make sure that the device works on the AT&T network? You can check your device here.
  2. For SIM card replacement you can call on 800.331.0500 or go to any AT&T store nearby. If the SIM card is in your name then you will have to go or if it's in your parent's name then will have to go.
  3. You can also pick up the Prepaid SIM card kit from AT&T national retailers like Walmart, Target, or Best Buy. Make sure to call AT&T before for checking the availability.
  4. Or you can shop them online at Amazon or other online retailers(Buy Now).

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AT&T Universal Card

Universal SIM card in a SIM card that gives you the option to activate -

  • Prepaid AT&T Go Phones
  • Postpaid connection

Most of the ATT universal SIM cards sold come with triple cut 3-in-1 i.e.,

  1. Standard SIM,
  2. microSIM, and
  3. Nano-SIM

You can put anyone that is compatible with your phone and the most recent mobile phone comes with the support of Nano SIM which is the smallest in size.

You can order the SIM card online from Amazon as well (click the banner below) -

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Note: Please note that this SIM card is non-compatible with carrier-locked phones and you need to activate the SIM by calling customer care.

AT&T 5G SIM Card:

AT&T SIM card 5G costs $7.95 with triple SIM cut and is available for purchase on

Price: $7.95

Buy it on Amazon

AT&T Nano SIM Cards:

Since most of the mobile phones available right now have a Nano SIM card size, you got to have compatible nano SIM. For simplicity and all-in-one compatibility, all companies have started offering all 3 types of SIM sizes i.e., Nano, Micro & standard with compatible adapters to fit in all. For mobiles with Micro and standard SIM slot, you will have to use an adapter, and works well.

Lost AT&T SIM Card:

If you have lost your AT&T SIM card with your phone, you can ask for a SIM card replacement.

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Wrapping it Up:

So that's how you get an AT&T Universal Card for the SIM card replacement. The network has made things easier for customers and they can order one on the go.

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How do I get a new ATT SIM Card Replacement - AT&T Universal Card 5G
AT&T Universal SIM Card: Looking for a new AT&T SIM card? Here is how you can get an ATT SIM Card replacement especially when 3G phases out.
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