How to Fix 5G Not Working or not Showing up or Can't Connect

In this guide check out how to fix 5G not working or not showing up error on Android phones.

Innovations in telecommunications don't stop. After 4G, there is a 5G network and currently, as we see mobile networks around the world have started rolling it out from 2019. The network penetration is slow and steady as it's only available in major cities and towns around the world.

Widespread availability is expected by 2025. As such 5G might not be available in most parts of the world. Here we have gone through a guide on how to fix 5G not working or 5G network not showing up on your phone.

5G Not Working

There are various reasons why 5G might not be available on your phone. We will not be discussing the reasons instead will show you how you can fix can't connect to 5G errors and problems.

Reboot Your Phone:

Rebooting your device may solve many problems on your device. So, pressing the Power button and selecting Reboot is the first thing you should do it on your smartphone.

Toggle Airplane Mode On/OFF:

Airplane mode too might be helpful in this case. Turn Airplane Mode ON and wait for 30 seconds.

Re-Insert SIM Card

Mobile data issues may be fixed easily by re-inserting the SIM card. While removing and re-inserting the SIM please make sure that you have turned OFF your device.

Enable the Right Network Mode

When 5G isn't showing up, it's possible that your phone settings aren't set for the optimal coverage. For a 5G phone in order to receive 5G signals, you should make sure that 5G mode (auto) is selected. You can find these settings under -

⇒ Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Network and now select your preferred options.

If you are sure that your device is 5G enabled and your carrier supports 5G, then set it as "5G/4G/3G/2G auto".

This step the first and simplest solution.

Do You Have Mobile Data Limit?

Android introduced mobile data limits a couple of years back. While this option is good, it has its own consequences. Through these settings, you can set data limits and warnings when data is about to reach limits.

You can find these settings under Settings > Mobile data/Data Usage. Here you will have to untick the "Limit mobile data usage" box.

5G Network Availability

When 5G isn't showing up on your phone, it might mean that 5G towers are too far from your city or home town or services aren't offered in your area. In such cases, you will have to determine whether there is 5G coverage in your area or not. You can check your provider's coverage map.

Enter APN Settings Manually

Access Point Names (APNs) are communication bridge through which mobile network providers connect your phone to mobile internet. It includes settings of gateway and IP address.

Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Access Point Name.

We have already gone through a few guides on how to modify APN Setting on Verizon, Sprint, TracFone, and other networks.

Reset Your Phone's Network Settings

If all the above doesn't work then it's the time to reset the network settings on your phone. Remember that Reset Network Settings is different from Resetting Phone which will actually reset your device completely.

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So that's how you can fix 5G not working or can't connect to 5G error on Android/iPhone.

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In this guide check out how to fix 5G not working or not showing up error on Android phones.
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