Best Satellite Internet Providers Near Me in 2024

Satellite Internet providers

Check out the best Satellite Internet providers near me for high-speed, low-latency broadband services.

We connect to each other in digital ways through the Internet and over the years the medium through which it's interconnected has evolved. Over the years, Dial-up and broadband remained famous but here are other ways -

  • Dial-Up Connection
  • Broadband Connection
  • DSL
  • Cable Internet
  • Wireless Connection
  • Cellular
  • ISDN
  • Satellite Connection

Satellite internet can be classified as an extension of wireless internet and it provides reliable services better than traditional cable and DSL Internet. The biggest point is that it provides Internet connectivity in those areas where DSL or cable internet is far beyond the imagination. The Satellite internet providers might be fewer right now but we have provided all the available options for you if you are residing in the USA (United States of America).

Satellite Internet Providers Near Me:

Until now, we were just providing info on the telecom networks and different MVNOs in USA but now we have forayed into covering info related to broadband services in the USA. We did go through Cathect's free internet plan, as well as Cox's free broadband plan here are the providers that offer Satellite Internet & more details.


As early in the competition, HughesNet leads with more than 1.3 million subscribers in America alone. It's run by Hughes Network Systems LLC owned by EchoStar.

It's definitely the first choice when it comes to satellite internet services, let's check out its plan available right now -

Package Speed Price
HughesNet Internet 10 GB 25 Mbps $39.99
HughesNet Internet 20 GB 25 Mbps $59.99
HughesNet Internet 30 GB 25 Mbps $89.99
HughesNet Internet 50 GB 25 Mbps $139.99

According to some customer reviews, HughesNet too has a few downsides. Firstly, there aren't any great when it comes to customer services and secondly, the above-mentioned plans have data caps and your speed will be reduced after you have consumed your allocated limits.


ViaSat might not be the first choice for satellite internet connectivity but definitely, but they offer decent services in this part of the world.

Their plans are -

Package Speed Price
Viasat Unlimited Bronze 12  12 Mbps  $70
Viasat Unlimited Silver 25  25 Mbps  $100
Viasat Unlimited Gold 30  30 Mbps  $150

Starlink: Elon Musk Satellite Internet

Elon Musk through SpaceX also offers broadband services through satellite. Starlink has just begun its services and it's pretty much in the alpha stage. They are accepting only a limited number of customers on a trial first-come first-served basis. Their website is up for signup.

Their satellite being in the earth's lower orbit as compared to HughesNet and Viasat has a drastic advantage and testers have posted an average download speed of 103 Mbps.

It right now costs $99.99/month. During the trial period, you can expect a speed from 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps. It's still unclear whether they will be offering various plans like the other satellite internet providers, or they will just go with one plan.

As per reports, Starlink already has 10,000 testers and is planning to launch services in India too after the USA, UK, and Canada.

So that's the list as we just have only a few satellite Internet providers in the USA right now. The list will be updated as new players join the market.

Satellite Internet without data Limits


  • Good latency as a satellite is in the lower orbits


Higher setup cost


Owned by the British Government & Bharti Group, they kicked off their services in December 2020 and are likely to offer services in the Arctic region by late 2021.

Project Kuiper(Amazon Satellite Internet Services)

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is also building a satellite Internet constellation, but it could take atleast 3 years for them to offer services.

Satellite Internet Provider Nearby using ZIP Code:

If are you looking for the best satellite internet provider nearby then read further.

The following two sites allow you to search geo satellite service providers using zip code -

Here is the full of Satellite Internet providers in the USA -

Providers Est Population States Max Speed
 Hughesnet  310 Million  53  25 Mbps
 Viasat  301 Million  51  100 Mbps
 Starlink  <1 Million  23  100 Mbps
 Big Bend

Telephone Company

 15,000  1  3 Mbps
 X2nSat  100  7  0 Mbps


So when choosing the best satellite Internet provider

, it doesn't matter whether you are living in New York City, or any rural area of Kansas, or any state in the USA, you will get good broadband coverage because this Internet is through satellite, and it's definitely a breakthrough. It now depends on how well the company offers services to customers.

Overall, the obvious choice remains Starlink because their parent company is much into space research. Also, Viasat and Hughesnet can be considered as they are popular names in this category but they are right now more expensive than other forms of internet connectivity options.

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