What Does BLU Mean or Stands For?

What Does BLU Mean

Several people have asked this question - What Does BLU Mean? Let me answer it for you.

BLU Products is one of the leading unlocked smartphone sellers in the United States of America. BLU launches a new device every month and there are various questions asked by users. A few examples of it are - Are BLU Phones good? or Are BLU Phones GSM or Does BLU phone support software update?. One among them is the What Does BLU Mean or Stands For?

Let me answer that for you.

What Does BLU Mean

The same question can be asked in several ways like -

What is the meaning of the name BLU?


What does BLU Stand for?

BLU stands for "Bold Like Us". It's a tagline used by BLU Products to promote their company products. Actually the name BLU is derived from the first English letters of each word in the tagline.

In BLU -

  • B stands for Bold
  • L stands for Like
  • U stands for Us

What we can say is, it's the perfect combination with a proper meaning for it. Bravo Samuel Ohev Zion (the BLU Products CEO) you have got a meaningful name for your brand.

People have often mis-type as Bule mobile or Blue phones.

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What Does BLU Mean or BLU Stands For in Texting?
Several people have asked this question - What is the meaning of the name BLU? Let me answer it for you.
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