Meet BLU Products CEO Mr. Samuel Ohev Zion

Are you eager to know BLU products CEO name? Here we have provided all the details about BLU phone company CEO.

BLU stands for “Bold Like Us“. It’s a Miami, Florida based company that manufactures unlocked Android phones for the sale in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, and other countries.

BLU Products CEO

So wanted to know the name of CEO of BLU Products? It’s Mr. Samuel Ohev Zion is the current BLU Mobiles CEO and President.

Ohev Zion has spent 17 years in distribution with top tier companies like Samsung and Motorola before creating a brand called “BLU Products”.  He founded the company in August 2009.

His role in the company includes:

  • Responsible for the overall strategic and creative direction and growth of the fastest-growing mobile device manufacturer in the Americas.
  • Oversee all aspects of product design, sales, marketing, and manufacturing
    • Continues to bring innovative solutions to consumers in Latin America and the U.S. better designs, the fastest time to market, more variety and a level of product customization that is unique in the industry.
    • Pioneer the advancement of the no-contract BYOD revolution by providing a vast portfolio of advanced unlocked smartphones to thousands of dealer agents, MVNO’s, and large retailers throughout the United States, changing the landscape of the mobile phone business in the United States.

Samuel Ohev-Zion, CEO of the company recently during the Vivo XI+ launch said that BLU will be releasing fewer phones but it will be of higher quality. I think that’s the call to put decrease the launch of low-end phones and come with mid-range and high-end smartphones. Also with the new upcoming smartphones, he promised guaranteed software updates, atleast Android Pie will arrive to BLU Vivo XI Plus smartphone.

Samuel Ohev Family:

Samuel Ohev-Zion kids include Isaac Ariel, Benny Rafael Elijah, and Esther

The CEO of BLU is available on social media platforms as well. You can get in touch with him if you would like to for some business purpose or inquiry.

BLU Products CEO Twitter Handle: sammy_ct

Instagram Account: Sammy.blu

So, this serves an answer to:

Who is BLU Products CEO?

Samuel Ohev Zion is the BLU Products founder and CEO.

Who owns BLU Products?

It’s Samuel Ohev Zion who runs the mobile phone show under brand name as “BLU Bold Like us“.

So that was all about the Mr. Samuel Ohev Zion, the BLU Products CEO.

Samuel Ohev Zion
(BLU Products CEO)
Job Title
BLU Products
Doral, Florida, United States, 32004

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