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BLU Products is one of the famous unlocked smartphone makers & sellers in the United States. We have seen so many mobile phone launches in the BLU brand every year and it will continue to do so alongside the new Bold brand. Here we go through the meaning of the phrase "BLU Bold Like us".

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Its also known by other terms as "blue products phone" or bule mobile.

BLU Bold Like us:

So, what is BLU Bold Like us? Here we give some answers to that.

Actually, Bold Like us is the tag line of the BLU Products company. Generally, the combination of those words doesn't imply anything and it's a general web search. If you search with that tag in Google, you will see the first result as the official company website and fan-based websites like ours. Oh! That's rhyming words - Isn't it? Bold like us, Websites like us.

BLU Phone Company:

Talking of BLU Products, it's a Miami, Florida based company headed by Samuel Ohev Zion, the founder, and CEO.

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BLU Phone Network Compatibility:

Most of the phones are GSM and work with the following networks in the USA -

For another network compatibility, please contact BLU or your phone provider.

What is a BLU Phone?

BLU is an affordable range of smartphones sold in the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. They always launch affordable and entry-level mobile phones.

BLU Phone Series

BLU Products currently launches several smartphones in the following series -

  • BLU F Series
  • BLU C Series
  • BLU Studio Series
  • BLU Vivo Series
  • BLU Grand Series
  • BLU Energy Series
  • BLU Advance Series
  • BLU Dash Series
  • BLU R Series
  • BLU G Series

Latest BLU Phone Launch

BLU Products unveils a new phone every month. It's their track record for a year now. You can shop for the latest BLU Phones using the below banner -

BLU Bold Like us Phone:

There are several BLU Cell Phones available in the market for purchase. Here are a few of them -

BLU 5G Smartphones:




BLU Vivo XII is the 12th generation of flagship Vivo phones.

BLU G90 Pro

Dubbed as the first BLU gaming phone, this smartphone is also the first of BLU's "quad-camera phone". Priced at $219.99, it's an amazing handset for those who have a budget of $200

. We have also listed out 6 reasons why should buy BLU G90 Pro right away, and I think that should be enough for you why should consider this mobile.


Let me take you to its specs quickly -

  • 6.5-inch HD+ display
  • Optimized Mediatek Helio G90T gaming processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB Storage
  • 48 MP primary camera + Depth Sensor + 8 Megapixel wide-angle lens + Macro Camera
  • Face Unlock + Fingerprint sensor
  • 32-megapixel front camera
  • Android 10 OS
  • 5100 mAh battery with 10W Wireless Charging + 18W fast charging support

Price: $219.99

Don't think, just buy it, here is the link for that -

G90 Pro Phone case

| G90 Pro Tips and Tricks

Bold N1

It's the latest flagship like a phone for just $199.99. Several reviewers have positive views about this latest sub-brand by BLU. It's the best mobile phone under 200 dollars budget.

Price: $ 199.99

BLU Vivo X6

X5 successor arrives as Vivo X6.

It's priced at $109.99.

Vivo X6 case | Vivo X6 Screen Protector

BLU Vivo X5

It's yet another budget phone targeted at customers who are looking for an unlocked mobile under $100.

BLU G9 Pro

BLU G9 Triple SIM phone

BLU Bold Like us Price:

Here is the price list of BLU smartphones -


Smartphone Model



BLU G91S $199.99
BLU F92E $199.99
BLU F91 $199.99
BLU G91 $199.99
BLU G91 Pro $219.99
BLU G90 Pro $219.99
BLU Vivo XII $199.99
BLU View 1 $49.99
BLU Bold N1 $199.99
BLU G9 Pro $199.99
BLU Vivo X6 $119.99
BLU G9 $179.99
BLU G8 $129.99
BLU G6 $119.99
BLU G5 $99.99
BLU G5 Plus $109.99
BLU Vivo XL5 $129.99
BLU Vivo X5 $129.99
BLU Vivo XL4 $129.99
BLU Vivo Go $89.99
BLU Vivo XI+ $329.99
BLU Vivo XI $329.99
BLU Pure View $138.99
BLU Vivo XL3 Plus N/A
BLU Life One X3 $399.99
BLU Studio Mega (2018) N/A N/A
BLU Grand M2 (2018) N/A N/A
BLU Grand M3 N/A N/A
BLU Vivo 8 Not available Buy Used
BLU Advance L4 N/A N/A
BLU Studio G4 N/A N/A

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TMobile BLU Phone:

Since all the BLU phones are unlocked GSM devices, it works with AT&T and T-Mobile perfectly. So if you are thinking for a new phone on TMobile then you can surely order any of the latest BLU phone or unlocked Samsung phone or unlocked Moto Phone or any other unlocked mobile phone to work with T-Mobile.

AT&T BLU Phone:

Smartphone Model



BLU G90 Pro $219.99
BLU G91 $199.99
BLU G91 Pro $219.99
BLU Vivo XII $199.99
BLU View 1 $49.99
BLU Bold N1 $199.99
BLU G9 Pro $199.99
BLU Vivo X6 $119.99
BLU G9 $179.99
BLU G8 $129.99
BLU G6 $119.99

So, that was all about the BLU Phone bold like us brand. So which of these BLU Bold Like us phone did you like? Do let us know.

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