Jethro Mobile Phone Plans & SIM Card

Jethro Mobile phone plans

Jethro Mobiles, operated by Jethro Senior Technology Ltd started in 2012 with an aim of making cell phones for senior citizens. After achieving success in this field, they set out to target other customers. As a MVNO, it offers service coverage to most locations in the USA through T-Mobile towers. The mobile operator has several plans for customers and let's go through Jethro Mobile plans in this post.

Jethro Cell Phone:

Jethro Senior Technology Ltd started offering mobiles for seniors first in Canada and soon they also included the USA under their services. We have gone through all details of this network here.

What is Jethro Mobile?

Jethro Mobile operating under Jethro Senior Technology Pvt Ltd provides GSM services in the USA. As an MVNO, it runs on the T-Mobile network for its services and has several plans and mobiles only for seniors.

Jethro Mobile Phone Plans

Here are the detailed monthly Jethro mobile plans -

Plan Talk and Text Data Hotspot Price/Month Buy Now
$5 plan/month 150 Minutes/150 Text - No $5 Buy it on Amazon
$10 plan/month Unlimited - No $10 Buy it on Amazon
$20 plan/month Unlimited 1 GB 4G LTE then Unlimited 2G Yes $20 Buy it on Amazon
$25 plan/month Unlimited 2 GB 4G LTE then Unlimited 2G Yes $25 Buy it on Amazon
$35 plan/month Unlimited 4 GB 4G LTE then Unlimited 2G Yes $35 Buy it on Amazon
$45 plan/month Unlimited 6 GB 4G LTE then Unlimited 2G Yes $45 Buy it on Amazon
$25 plan/90 Days 500 Minutes Talk, unlimited text 250 MB Yes $25
$50 plan/180 Days 1000 Minutes Talk, Unlimited Text 500 MB Yes $45
$100 plan/1 Year 2500 Minutes Talk, Unlimited Text 1 GB Yes $100

Please note that all plans mentioned above include long-distance Calling to Canada, Mexico, Japan, and China.

Jethro Mobile 5G Plans

The above table includes various 2G/3G/4G and LTE plans. In addition to that, the company is preparing to launch a 5G phone with 5G capabilities from the operator. (Fix 5G Isnt Showing )

Jethro Mobile Add-on Plans

There are several add-on packages available too if you want additional data or an unlimited international calling card or PAYG Credits.

Add on Description
$15 1 GB data
$35 3 GB data
$5/month Unlimited International Calling
$5 PAYG Credits
$10 PAYG Credits
$15 PAYG Credits

Jethro Mobile SIM Card

If you are looking for a Jethro SIM card, then you can get it directly from your home too. It's available in various options of -

  • Nano SIM Card
  • Micro SIM card
  • Standard SIM card

There are a few SIM card kits directly available for purchase online.

$5/30 Days Jethro Mobile Wireless Plan:

This is the very basic (entry-level) plan costing $5 a month and it's available for purchase online directly alongside the Jethro SIM card (Nano, Micro, Standard).

Buy it on Amazon

$10/30 Days Jethro Wireless Plan:

This advanced Jethro Mobile phone plan costs $10 a month and can be purchased online.

Buy it on Amazon

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Discount Code

All the active discount and coupon codes are mentioned here.

Phone Manual

Here are the Jethro Phones manuals -

Phone Manual Download
SC 490 Phone Manual Download Link
SC330v3, SC330v2, SC330 Manual Download Link
SC318R Manual Download Link
SC318v2B, SC318 Manual Download Link
SC435 Manual PDF Download Link
SC729 Phone manual pdf Download Link
SC628 pdf phone manual Download Link


Jethro as an MVNO has phones for seniors only so this may be considered an "MVNO for Seniors".

So that was Jethro Mobile phone plans & you can directly purchase Jethro mobile phone SIM cards.

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