Sprint MVNO List - Which Network Runs on Sprint

sprint mvno list; networks that runs on Sprint

As you know that MVNO is a cellular service provider that doesn't have its own network or towers but instead uses other wireless networks un-used frequencies. Here we go through Sprint MVNO List i.e., networks that run on Sprint.

MVNO has been popular because they can cut your bill to half or atleast reduce it. They buy a large size of bandwidth from these operators who have set up towers wholesale and offer services with proper support although serving a limited number of customers. Although MVNO might not provide the best coverage, there are pros and cons to it.

What Does Sprint MVNO mean?

Major US Telecom operators have set up telecom towers and these operators often lend out unused network traffic to small providers which they don't have to worry about. These cellular providers who lend networks are often referred to as MVNO. It's a win-win situation for both.

Sprint MVNO List 2022:

In total, 27 operators use the Sprint network. So of the names, you might have already heard of.

So here is the list of networks that operates on Sprint Network -

  1. Allvoi Wireless
  2. Altice Mobile
  3. Beast Mobile
  4. Best Cellular
  5. Boss Revolution Mobile
  6. Dataxoom
  7. EcoMobile
  8. Freedompop
  9. Gen Mobile
  10. Google Fi
  11. Hello Mobile
  12. Ideal Mobile
  13. Karma Mobility
  14. Patriot Mobile
  15. Pix Wireless
  16. Red Pocket Mobile
  17. Republic Wireless
  18. Straight Talk
  19. Tello
  20. TextNow
  21. Ting Mobile
  22. Twigby
  23. UNREAL Mobile
  24. Venn Mobile
  25. Virgin Mobile
  26. WingTel
  27. Zing Wireless

Just like this, we have gone through the list of Verizon MVNOs.

Google Fi:

Who doesn't know about Google's Project Fi? It's popular because it's run by a popular search engine.


WingTel or Wing Alpha is the newest MVNO on Sprint. It offers several plans including an unlimited plan. There is also a smartwatch plan that you can opt for if you have a Samsung tablet or Apple Watch costing you $15 a month.

Check out WingTel Phone plans

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is one of the famous Sprint MVNO. Apart from offering an unlimited plan at $55/month, it also has got an unlimited International plan costing $60.

Visit Straight Talk website for more info


While many of Sprint's MVNO offers unlimited and limited plans set by the operator, Tello is a little different network. It allows the customer to set their own plan that perfectly fits you. A lot of people have found it helpful.

Visit Tello website to learn more

Republic Wireless

Based in Raleigh, North California, Republic Wireless is a low-cost mobile phone operator that defaults to Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is not available, it fallbacks to T-Mobile and Sprint, two of the largest cellular networks in USA.

They were only the one MVNO to offer Wi-Fi calling much ahead of Project Fi.

Sprint 5G APN Settings

Freedom Pop

Freedom Pop, a California-based company sells free mobile phone services starting at $0.00/month and also sells mobile phones, tablets, and broadband services.

Patriot Mobile

As the name itself indicates, the Patriot Mobile offers a liberal cause, i.e., for every dollar you pay, they contribute a part of it honoring the veterans.

Pix Wireless

Join Pix World by choosing Pix Wireless as your next carrier.

They use all four networks (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, & Verizon) networks and also offers attractive international coverage across 193+ countries through Universal prepaid Worldwide SIM card.

As soon as the you open company's page, you will see beautiful ladies dancing and smiling. Whether you love their plans or not, I liked the homepage.

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Each of the above-listed companies offers different cell phone plans, some may or may not offer unlimited plans.

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As you know that MVNO is a cellular service provider that doesn't have its own network or towers but instead uses other wireless networks un-used frequencies. Here we go through Sprint MVNO List 2022 i.e., networks that run on Sprint.
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