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How much does it cost to join a wing phone? Checkout new and latest Wing Phone Plans & Price, Wingtel phone app details.

You might know the newcomer, Wing Tel or Wing Alpha, or simply Wing as the new telecom service provider in the United States. If you have arrived at my post then you might have come to know Wing Phone Plans, Price, features, and every other detail of it. Since WingTel has different names, let me call it "WingTel mobile plans", "Wing Cellular plans".

Wing Phone Plans unlimited; Wing smartwatch plan
WingTel phone service plans

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How much does it cost to join Wing phone?

About WingTel

Wing runs on award-winning AT&T network, which is voted as the fasted network in the United States offering "dynamic pricing". It's actually an AT&T & Sprint powered MVNO. If you have got a BLU phone (BLU G9 Pro or Bold N1 or any other) or any other mobile, then consider moving to them because they offer plans at affordable pricing.

Wing Phone Plans:

Wing Alpha brings out plans that meet your requirements. Here are the different plans available right now -

Wing Unlimited Plan:

If you want unlimited everything, then Wing Unlimited mobile plan costing $55 a month is perfectly suitable for you to have freedom of everything. It's an unlimited everything plan.

Here is what it offers -

  • Unlimited voice & SMS
  • 30 GB Data* (to be confirmed)
  • 15 GB of hotspot data
  • HD Voice & Wi-Fi Calling
  • Visual voicemail
  • Device tethering/hotspot
  • Picture & video messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Caller ID

Price: $55/month

Wing 5G Mobile Plan:

There is also an Unlimited Plus plan that costs $65/month and includes 5G network capabilities and that's why we are calling it as "Wing 5G plan". So Wing Alpha also offers 5G services with network support from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless & Sprint.

Here are the plan features -

  • 100 GB high speed data
  • 5G Services
  • Unlimited voice/text
  • HD Voice
  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • Tethering and hotspot
Cricket Wireless plans

Price: $65/month

Wing 3 GB Data Plan

Priced at $33 a month, you get 3 GB data + everything above-mentioned.

This plan is ideal for people who don't want much data but look for unlimited Talk time.

Wing 2 GB Plan

Priced at $27/month per line, you get 2 GB of Data + everything mentioned above.

Wing 1 GB Plan

Priced at $20/month per line, you get 1 GB of Data + everything mentioned above.

Wing GSM Phone Plan

If you have got a GSM phone (basic phone), then you will have to pay $15 a month to get 500 MB data + above-mentioned things.

WingTel Flip Phone Plan

Have you got a 3G CDMA phone? Get this plan for a price of $12 a month and you get unlimited voice, & SMS. You also get 128 MB of 3G data.

Wing Family Plan

A family plan can offer great savings to you. Please contact the carrier agent for the plan details.

Wing Smartwatch plan

If you have got an Apple Watch or Samsung LTE-enabled smartwatch, then you can add a $15 Wing Apple iPhone plan to the existing active phone line on Wing and enjoy data on your smartwatch too.

Wing Plan for Smartwatch Price: $15/month

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Wing Plans

Here are the detailed Wing plans -

Plan Talk and Text Data Hotspot Price/Month
Flip Phone Unlimited 128 MB* No $12
500 MB Data Plan Unlimited 500 MB No $15
1GB Data Plan Unlimited 1 GB Yes $20
2GB Data Plan Unlimited 2 GB Yes $27
3GB Data Plan Unlimited 3 GB Yes $34
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited* Yes $55

* Terms and Conditions apply.

Best Wing Plan

Wing's unlimited plan is definitely a bargain deal because, at the end of the month, it's the total amount that you pay matters. It's just $55 a month, you're probably the top network coverage. Until March 2020, it was the purely unlimited plan but with the growing popularity of this MVNO, top OEMs applied pressure and applied data limit caps. With the latest plan modification, no doubt that you get unlimited data, but there is just 22 GB of High-Speed data.

Wing Network Coverage

WingTel as an MVNO has tied up with AT&T and Sprint networks for network services, and so the quality of network coverage depends on which network you are paired with. The Wing customer care agent will pair you up with network availability in your region and your smartphone compatibility. So the network coverage is based on the mobile operators that you are paired with.

Download Wing App for iPhone, Android

You can download the Wing app for Android or iPhone from the respective app store to track usage minutes, track data balance, bill payment date, and other details.

Wing app for Apple iPhone - App Store Link

WingTel Android App - Play Store Link

Wing Phone Service:

Several people are using the WingTel phone service and there are mixed reactions among customers. For sure where there is good network coverage there are less number of complaints and those in no coverage area are reporting various issues.


⊗ How can I change my Wing plan?

Yes, you can migrate from one plan to another at any time.

So that was all about the Wing Phone Plans details. Do let us know which plan of the above you like or are willing to opt for.

⊕ Can I bring my phone from another network?

Yes, you can bring any phone from any other network in the United States to WingTel easily.

⊕ How Can I add more Data?

You can add more data simply by upgrading to the next higher plan. Sadly there is no option for add-on data.

Can I downgrade my plan?

To downgrade Wing plan you need to contact Wing customer care, and they will assist you better.

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So that was all about the Wing phone plans and Wingtel App for iPhone/Android.

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