How to Backup BLU Phone Data to PC - BLU Phone Connect to Computer

Backup BLU Phone data

In this guide, we will be showing you how you can backup BLU phone data to your PC easily supporting both Windows and Mac PCs.

Videos and photos that you have taken on your smartphones are very important and it's quite always important to back them up in a safe place because in the future they will become your memories. So if you are using a BLU smartphone and you have taken some beautiful photos of your family and friends that you want to back up and don't want to lose then follow the guide mentioned here to backup BLU phone data.

Backup BLU Phone

To back up blue phone photos and videos, there are two things or methods that you can follow. They are:

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Blu Phone connect to Computer:

In order to connect BLU smartphone to a PC, you will need a USB cable and a PC. If you are using USB 2.0 ok micro USB can micro USB cable is enough or else your smartphone is equipped with Type C charging. Then you will need a USB type C cable. Normally, the compatible USB cable is included for free in the smartphone box. If you don't have that, you can order it online [BUY NOW] and they are available cheaply.

Wirelessly Backup BLU Phone Data

Now if you don't want to connect your smartphone to a PC be whatever reason then there is another option to achieve BLU data backup. Here we have to use external software to achieve this.

There are apps available that allow you to wirelessly connect to your smartphone, here are some of them :


SyncDroid is the ultimate Android backup tool for Android smartphones. You can easily one-click sync Android mobile data like music, videos, photos, call logs, e-books, contacts, messages, and more. You can back up using Wi-Fi and USB.

SyncDroid allows you to do this -

  • Transfer audio and videos from the computer to the Android
  • Backup music and videos from Android phone to PC
  • Manage Photos both in the Android camera and in the SD card

Google Photos: Easily Backup BLU Photos

We use smartphones to take photos and videos of family members and important data. As such, they might be helpful in the future and to do that easily you should be using Google Photos.

Google Photos is an amazing app available for iPhone and Android. It allows you to easily backup photos and videos on to cloud.

  • Open Google Photos on your phone. It comes pre-installed on Android smartphones, or you can install it if you don't have it yet.
  • Tap on the Menu in the upper left corner and choose Settings.
  • In the Settings menu, click on Backup & Sync.
  • Enable the toggle next to Back up & Sync.

Here in this Google Photos app, there is unlimited storage for High-Quality Photos (better quality than WhatsApp images) and another option is Original Quality Photos which is of original file size.

Backup WhatsApp Data

If you want to back up WhatsApp data you can easily do it. To do that on your BLU smartphone, you should ensure that the Data Backup option is enabled under WhatsApp app Settings, or else you can manually connect your device to your PC and navigate to the WhatsApp folder.


This guy works on phones and Smartphones :

BLU Phone won’t connect to a computer

Many have successfully backed up their phone data except a few have problems like they aren't able to connect BLU Phone to PC or similar. Let me tell you what to do in such cases.

  • USB Drivers: Make sure that proper USB drivers (MTK drivers for MediaTek phones) are installed.
  • Check USB Cable: The best thing you can try is to check whether the USB cable is not working or is damaged. As the accessories become old, they might give you problems or perhaps they might not work. Try connecting a different device to that USB cable and check whether it works or not. If it works, then clearly there is some problem with your device. If the PC doesn't recognize your second phone, then definitely you need to replace the USB cable.
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Backup BLU G9 Data

You can easily backup and restore BLU G9 data. Follow the above guide.

Backup Restore BLU Vivo XI data

Blu Vivo XI photos and videos can be backed up easily. Follow the above-mentioned guide.

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