BLU Phone Settings Menu - Network, Sound, Bluetooth, Display Settings

Here is how you can access/modify or change BLU Phone settings on your mobile phone.

A smartphone is not just a device to make calls or send SMS, it has transformed into a mini-PC doing a lot of functions. The past decade has seen a remarkable revolution in phone technology. Today's generation of smartphones includes many capabilities like converting your device to a mobile hotspot, includes Bluetooth for file transfer, NFC for payments, replacing DSLR cameras and further Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future.

With so many additions, OEMs have to develop a feature on your smartphone to handle this stuff. The maker of the Android operating system kept all these settings under the Settings menu.

Here is how the typical Settings menu icon looks like -

BLU settings menu

BLU Phone Settings:

Since all BLU Bold Like us phones are powered by the Android operating system, then include the settings menu for different controls/configuration.

Among the BLU mobile phone settings are the -

  • BLU Phone Mobile Network Settings: These settings option will give you control over mobile data, roaming, and app data usage details. You can also modify apn settings too.
  • BLU Phone SIM Card Settings
  • BLU Phone Wi-Fi Settings: You can add or remove Wi-Fi signals.
  • BLU Hotspot and tethering settings: These settings will allow you to turn on the hotspot(tethering) on your phone.
  • BLU Phone Bluetooth Settings: Allows you to transfer files over Bluetooth wirelessly and also connect Bluetooth enabled devices like Bluetooth headphones.
  • BLU Phone Display Settings: Allows you to change wallpaper on BLU Phone, control brightness levels, sleep settings, autorotation settings, font size, and screen saver settings.
  • BLU Phone Sound Settings: Here you can control various sound and notification settings like BLU Phone ringtone, alarm tone, notification tone.
  • BLU Phone Apps and Notifications: Various app notification controls and settings.
  • BLU Phone AI settings: Various artificial intelligence settings.
  • Security and Location Settings on BLU
  • BLU Mobile System Settings
  • BLU Phone Google Account Settings: Here you can setup Hey Google.
  • BLU Cell Phone Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls: These settings will allow parents to control their child over device usage.

BLU Phone Settings Not Working:

Here again, I would like to classify these issues based on various settings available.

BLU Phone Bluetooth Problem

If you have a problem with Bluetooth, then you need to modify these settings by going through Settings > Bluetooth. You can fix this issue by addressing the following concerns -

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned On
  2. Make sure Device Discovery is turned on
  3. Determine which pairing process your device employs
  4. Make sure that two devices are in close proximity to one another
  5. Power the devices off and back on
  6. Remove old Bluetooth connections
  7. Charge up both the devices that you are pairing
  8. Delete a device from the phone and pair it again
  9. Get away from the Wi-Fi router
  10. Move away from USB 3.0 port
  11. Download the drivers
  12. Update the hardware's firmware
  13. Limit data shared between devices
  14. Clear the Bluetooth Cache

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BLU Phone Speaker or Mic Not Working

When you have no sound on your BLU Phone, it means that the speaker or mic might not be working on your device. You need to go to Settings > Sound and try whether your device volume is not set to zero.

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