How to Change BLU Phone Ringtone | BLU Ringtone Download

BLU Phone Ringtone download: Tired of same old ringtones on your phone? Here is the easy and quickest way you can change ringtone on BLU Android phone.

Android mobiles have pre-installed ringtones and you can change them whenever you want. It's quite an easy process but for those who are new to BLU Products mobiles or using the smartphone for the first time, here is the guide on how to change BLU phone ringtone. Since BLU also has a Bold brand, this is also a guide on how to change ringtone on Bold Phone.

What if you wish for a custom ringtone? You can change through downloads or by using ringtone apps. There are various ringtone apps which you will need to install from Play Store.

You can also use different ringtones for specific people in your contact list. Wow! Isn't that amazing!


How to Change BLU Phone Ringtone

The process of changing the ringtone is almost similar on all Android phones including BLU Cell Phones.

  1. Tap on the Settings app from your home screen.
  2. From Settings, now go to Sound. With that, you will enter into Sound Settings on your smartphone. Don't worry its not too hard.
  3. Once you have clicked on Sound, you will see various sound settings available. Here is how the screen will look like -
  4. Search for ringtones. If you don't see ringtone, type ringtone into the search at the top of your Setting app.
  5. If you wish to apply a phone ringtone then select it from the pre-installed ringtones and if you want to apply custom ringtone then select from files and choose the one you wish to set the ringtone.

In order to get custom Ringtones, you need to already have MP3 files on your phone storage.

Note: The above screenshots are taken on the BLU G9 phone running on Android 9.0 Pie.

How to apply Specific Ringtone to Contacts

Application of specific ringtone for specific important contacts on your list helps in knowing who is calling. This is very helpful during work hours and important meetings wherein you cant miss important calls.

Here is the guideline to set a specific custom ringtone -

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Tap on the contacts you wish to apply to Specific ringtone.
  3. Tap on the Edit option on the top right corner. This is the contact edit option.
  4. Go to Ringtone, and then select Custom.
  5. Now select the ringtone from the file or folder that you want to apply.


BLU Notification Sound

You can even change notification sound on BLU phones like -

  • Change BLU phone alarm notification | Bold phone alarm notification
  • Change BLU Dial pad tone
  • Change BLU phone message notifications

In order to do that you just need to follow the above-mentioned process wherein you get these options -

With that, we have looked into every aspect regarding Sound Settings on your BLU Phone. Now let's move on how to download mp3 ringtones BLU phone.

Download BLU Phone Ringtone

In order to download BLU mobile ringtone, you should go to which provides free ringtone download for you. Click on Download Now and select Ringtones.

Ringtones for BLU Phones

You will see thousands of ringtones available for you.

You can even download the Zedge app from Play Store

and set a ringtone directly.

You can also check out other BLU Phone guide here -

Can I Set Song MP3 as Ringtone?

Yes, obviously you can add mp3 or any song as ringtone on your BLU Android phones, but only 30 seconds of music will be played.

BLU G91 Pro Ringtone:

For modifying the ringtone please follow the above-mentioned guide and it's quite easy to do on the Android 11 handset.

So that was the easiest way to change the ringtone on Android. If you have any queries let us know in the comment section below.

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How to Change BLU Phone Ringtone | BLU Cell Phone Ringtone Download
BLU Cell Phone Ringtone or Bold Phone ringtone: Tired of same old ringtones on your phone? Here is the easy and quickest way you can change your ringtone on BLU Android phone.
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