BLU 5G Phone List, Full Specifications, & News

BLU 5G phone release date; BLU 5G mobile phoneBLU 5G phone release date; BLU 5G mobile phone

BLU phones with 5G are here. Check out the best BLU 5G phones to buy right now.

Smartphone technologies are mostly based on trends in the industry. Last year it was a dual-camera setup on the rear side. Among various trending technologies in recent years, it will be 5G and foldable screens in smartphones. Vivo has already unveiled Apex 2019, the first real phone with 5G and within two years of development, new Samsung phones are launched with 5G in all ranges. Sony, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Oppo, and other brands have adopted the use of 5G. BLU Products as a leading unlocked smartphone seller in the United States has launched its first 5G smartphone and we have already gone through the details about the BLU Foldable phone, here we go through BLU 5G phones, and other related about it.

BLU 5G Phones

Here are all the officially launched phones and upcoming too -

BLU F91:

As we see in the FCC listing of BLU F91 5G, we see that the device could be the first handset to run 5G on the BLU brand. This BLU 5G mobile phone will be an unlocked smartphone with dual SIM support. Infact, it will be supporting 5G connectivity on card slot 1 and other slots will be supporting 4G LTE. If you need high-speed, then use SIM 1 Data.

We are waiting for the first BLU phone 5G but once it's get launched, the technology has become common in 2022, and even it's available on mid-range mobiles too.

This F91 5G phone by BLU was launched in April 2022. This will be a great phone at the price of mid-range.

BLU 5G Phone Specifications

The upcoming BLU Smartphone with 5G is expected to come up with nothing less than a 6.5-inch display and will be powered by an Octa-core chipset coupled with nothing less than 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM.

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Coming to the camera, the dual rear camera setup has predominately become an industrial requirement, which's expected along with a decent selfie camera.

This upcoming BLU Phone will run on Android 12 if not atleast Android 11 version out of the box.

Bold Mobile 5G

After Bold N1 success, the Bold N2 is expected to be the first Bold 5G smartphone. It will be launched in late 2022.

BLU F91 Pro:

The BLU F91 Pro is expected to be the next generation 5G mobile by BLU. The name isn't confirmed but it can be F91 Pro or F91S or F91 Max.

Launch News

Seeing that all the Smartphone OEMs are gearing for the 5G smartphone launch at MWC, the BLU phone with 5G support is very near the official announcement.

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BLU 5G Tips & Tricks:

We have already gone through BLU F91 hard reset, software update, and other tips and tricks

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