BLU Foldable Phone Release Date, Rumored Specs

BLU Foldable Phone is expected in 2019. Check out its Release Date, Rumored Specs and news.

2019 year in the smartphone industry is expected to belong to Foldable smartphones and there is already much hype about various OEM’s foldable phones. Foldable phones are also referred to as smartphones with dual display. There is also BLU triple camera phone rumored.

BLU Foldable Phone

There are rumors that the Xiaomi Foldable phone will be called as Xiaomi X1 and Samsung’s foldable phone will be called the Samsung Galaxy X. There are two display phones rumored from LG, Huawei, Sony, and other OEMs as well and it’s expected that Vivo and Oppo will not lag behind this revolution in a smartphone which is set for trends next year.

So the question is, who will be the coming with the first foldable phone?

The Foldable phones are also expected to arrive in the United States and apart from top OEMs like Samsung, LG, Huawei, it will be BLU Products who will be launching a foldable phone. It will be among the top flagship BLU Phones 2019 year.

Foldable phones are costly affairs but I think foldable phone by BLU will be an affordable handset. $500? Yeah, I believe that to be the starting price of this BLU dual display phone.

Talking about the name of the BLU dual display smartphone, it could be named as BLU Vivo F or they will have a separate lineup for such devices. Perhaps, BLU F1, BLU F2 suits the naming or they can simply go with BLU X name because it’s quite simple.

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There is no word officially said by the company or by the BLU Products CEO but normally the trends are been adopted by OEMs.

BLU Foldable Release Date:

The BLU Foldable phone will not arrive anything earlier than the second quarter of 2019. The expected release date is Q3 2018.

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BLU Foldable Phone is expected in 2019. Check out it's Release Date, Rumored Specs and news.
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