BLU Triple Camera Phone - BLU G9 Pro Phone Specs(Full)

BLU Triple camera smartphoneBLU Triple camera smartphone

Check out BLU Triple Camera Phone details i.e., BLU G9 Pro release date in US/UK/Canada, specifications, rumors and leaks.

There is no stop in mobile technology development as different innovations continue to come up. From Quad-Core processor to Octa-core and now deca core, from 4 GB RAM to 6 GB, 8 GB, 10 GB and now 12 GB RAM mobiles the numbers are jumping up. The story doesn't end there as we have seen improvements in the camera department as well. From a dual camera, the latest development that we have seen in smartphone cameras is the launch of triple camera phones and even Quad camera phones.

BLU Products has launched dual-camera smartphones in the form of BLU G9 and we were expecting BLU triple camera phone and the BLU G9 Pro gets launched. There is already BLU foldable phone and 5G Phone expected to release in 2020.

BLU Triple Camera Phone

BLU Triple camera smartphone is the BLU Three Camera Phone which means that smartphone will have 3 rear cameras. We have seen OEMs like Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Oppo launching the triple camera smartphones and BLU 3 camera phone is coming up soon.

BLU Triple Camera Smartphone Release Date

BLU Products hasn't right now said anything about it, not even they have confirmed the phone launch.

BLU Triple Camera Smartphone Launch Date: August 2019 (already launched)

BLU 3 Camera Smartphone Specifications

The BLU 3 camera phone is the upcoming BLU smartphone and expected to be the best BLU camera phone. As of now, it's hard to tell about the specifications of this particular device but the most highlighting feature will be the camera of it. Further, we can say that the device will run on the latest Android Q version or atleast the Android 9.0 Pie out of the box.

in G Series BLU has already launched G9 Pro, G8, G6, G5 and G5 Plus

smartphones. This will be yet another mobile in G Series.

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So, all we know about the latest BLU triple camera phone. This phone might get the Android 10 update.

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