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BLU View 1 tips and tricks

Check BLU View 1 hard reset, BLU View 1 screenshot, BLU View 1 software update, & USB drivers download link.

BLU Products just before they close out the 2019 year on a high note, unveiled the View 1 smartphone. It's the first smartphone in the View Series. After going through its specifications, here we go through BLU View 1 Tips & Tricks aka the BLU View 1 How-to guide. It's a smart buy under $50 budget.

So if you are new to BLU View 1, here is our detailed guide on how to achieve BLU View 1 screenshot, or BLU View 1 drivers download or BLU View 1 hard reset or more.

BLU View 1 Tips Tricks

Screenshot on BLU View 1

In order to take a screenshot on BLU View 1, you should follow the below-mentioned guide -

    • Press the Volume Down button and the Power button together at once.
    • Once you do that, you will hear a shutter click sound on your device.

All the screenshots that you take are saved under Gallery > Screenshots folder.

Apps for Screenshot:

You can even use the following screenshot apps too -

Here is the video guide to take BLU View 1 screenshot -

Boot in Recovery Mode

Follow the below process in order to boot BLU View 1 in recovery mode -

    • First power off your device completely.
    • Once done, press the Volume Up and Power button together at once until you see the device logo.

BLU View 1 USB Drivers

Here is the link to download USB drivers for BLU View 1 mobile phone -

Download it from here

Factory Reset BLU View 1

Follow the process mentioned below to hard reset BLU View 1 mobile -

  • Go to Settings.
  • Head to System.
  • Now tap on the Reset Option.
  • Now select "Erase All Data(Factory reset)".

It will erase all data on your phone.

BLU View 1 Software Update

This latest BLU device runs on Android 9.0 Pie version out of the box. In order to check for the latest firmware, you should follow the process mentioned below -

  • Go to Settings.
  • Now tap on System Update.
  • Now tap on Check for update.

If new updates are available, you will see the Download Now option.

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The big question -

Will I get the BLU View 1 Android 10 update?

Answer: No, BLU Products or any other OEMs doesn't serve software

BLU View 1 IMEI Number

Follow the video guide below on how to find BLU View 1 IMEI number

on your mobile -

BLU View 1 User Manual Download

Since BLU View 1 is sold on Tracfone, you can download the exclusive user manual from here.

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So that was our guide on BLU View 1 screenshot, factory reset, software update, and other useful tips. Thanks for being with us, and please help us reach more audiences by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media that you use.

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After going through its specifications, here we go through BLU View 1 Tips & Tricks aka the BLU View 1 How-to guide. Here we provide details on BLU View 1 screenshot, User manual, BLU View 1 hard reset.
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