Upcoming BLU Phones 2024 Which are Worth the Wait

Upcoming BLU Phones

Check out expected and upcoming BLU Phones 2024 which are worth the wait this year.

From a spectacular 2017 to a wonderful 2023, BLU Products journey into unlocked smartphones has been remarkable. In 2021, it was all about bringing the latest Android version to their phones, and we have seen the launch of BLU G9, G9 Pro, G90, G90 Pro, G91, & G91 Pro. And it was a spectacular 2023 with flagship Bold N3, G73, G,53, F92E, and Blu G93 mobile devices.

So what's in store in 2024? What's their plan? Let's see what we have in store.

Let's check out the upcoming BLU phone here.

Upcoming BLU Phones 2024

To provide an insight into upcoming BLU phones, we have started a category called "Upcoming Phones". The following are the phones that are expected to launch this year:-

But before that, here are the best BLU phones that you can buy right now -

Phone Top Features Buy Now Link
 Bold N3  Amazing Display, Battery life, 8 GB/256GB, Android 13  Buy Now
 BLU F92E  Good Battery Life, 50 MP Camera  Buy Now
 Bold N2  Amazing Display, Battery life  Buy Now


The next successor to F92E will be the upcoming F93 mobile phone.


X22 is an upcoming mobile phone.

BLU View 5/ 5 Pro

TracFone exclusive View 5 and BLU View 5 Pro is FCC-approved now.

BLU View 6:

This is also FCC approved handset.

BLU Bold N4

The Bold and beautiful Bold N3 is shining out bright and in 2024, we will surely see the launch of Bold N4.

Bold N4 release date: Q3 2024.


The G53 is expected to be the next successor phone in the G 5x series.


After S1 the first mobile to support the Sprint network the all-new S91 has hit the market in 2022 and the S92 is coming up but when?

BLU S92 Pro

So, BLU is making the debut of S Series phones, as we have seen the S91 Pro launch and S92 is expected next.


The next-gen mobile in the G Series will be BLU G72.

BLU M8L Plus

The M8L Plus has just got FCC approval and looks like a mid-range device. There is the new M8L 2022 on FCC as well.

BLU C7x:

Another mobile in the C Series, BLU C7x, will be a sub $80 phone.


G71L is expected to be G71's successor.

BLU Joy 2:

BLU brings back the joy of keypad mobiles.

BLU View 5 Pro:

There are all kinds of buyers in the market and for a price of $50 the BLU View Series has always shown positive results with View 1 and View 2 mobile phones. Now we are looking forward to BLU View 5 Pro which will be available via Simple Mobile, Net10, SafeLink, & TracFone Wireless.

It's one of the most expected budget upcoming BLU phones to look forward to in 2024.

BLU Quad Camera Mobiles

Quad camera mobiles have already been made through the market in China and other parts of the world but for markets like the USA and Canada, this might be a new thing as only Samsung provides such mobiles.

In Google SERPs, you will find BLU Vivo X as the BLU quad-camera mobile phone, but actually, that device has two rear cameras and two front cameras for selfies. So, actually, BLU phone with quad rear cameras is still not launched.

BLU Foldable Phone

The 2021 year is going to be of the foldable smartphones. Mark that! So the BLU Products will be launching one to be in the competition.

As of now there is neither an official word nor there is a leak about BLU Foldable Phone, but I am sure, it's certainly on the cards.

I believe BLU Vivo XII will be a smartphone will be with either a foldable display or 5G SIM support.

BLU Triple Camera Phone

After the launch of the BLU G9 smartphone with a dual camera, there is anticipation for a triple camera phone.


After launching the Vivo X6, it's time for Vivo X7 mobile phone.


CDMA's range of smartphones by BLU will continue as the Florida-based maker has planned to launch the BLU S2 smartphone as well.

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BLU R3 & BLU R3 Plus

Last but not least, BLU Products will also care about the BLU R series which will be in its third generation with the launch of BLU R3 and BLU R3 Plus.

BLU Android GO Phones

Since BLU has a lot many entry-level phones, the Android Go version perfectly suits them. We have already seen it in BLU Grand M3 and BLU C6 smartphones with an 8.1 Oreo Go edition. BLU C6L Max is coming up.

In 2019 we will see many smartphones with the Android Pie Go Edition version after the impressive debut of such phones in 2018 with BLU Vivo Go.

BLU Top Notch Phone

The Top-notch smartphones as introduced by Apple in the iPhone X smartphones have been adopted by many other OEMs.

BLU is yet to launch a smartphone with a top-notch. Will it be called BLU X? I hope BLU comes out with the cheapest Top Notch Android phone.

Final Words:

So, those were some of the upcoming BLU phones in 2024. Please subscribe to our push notifications, Like us on Facebook, join our Facebook Group for any Questions/Answers and email updates, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Good battery life
Decent specs as per price


No software support
Rarely Major OS updates

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