How to Reboot Android Phone in Safe Mode, Sluggish, Isn't Responding

In this guide, I will show you how to reboot android phone i.e., both soft and hard reboot Android phones easily.

We are currently into a transition from keypad phone to touchscreen mobile phone. As such, it's not necessary that all the users can quickly adapt to new touch smartphones. Thanks to Steve Jobs the revolution began with the first iPhone announcement. Consumers of all age groups have little to no knowledge of how to use smartphone functions and it's common especially in elder age people.

Many face difficulties in inserting a SIM card, putting a micro SD memory card, or even performing useful actions like how to change ringtone, turning on Wi-Fi hotspot, grab a screenshot, Find IMEI number, setting alarm, and a lot more. Many novice users aren't still able to figure out how to reboot Android phone.

Here in this guide, we will be going through various cases on rebooting your smartphone -

So let's get started to fix your problem.

How to Reboot Android Phone

Reboot means booting your device again in order to give your device a fresh start. "Reboot" and "Restart" both mean the same and it's close enough to turn OFF your device and then turning it back ON.

Follow the process mentioned below in order to reboot Android smartphone -

  • Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.
  • Once you do that you will see two options - Power OFF & Restart options.

What Happens when you reboot your phone?

Whenever you reboot any electronic device, the processes that were running will get terminate and your device will perform faster upon reboot. That's what happens when you reboot a phone. It's actually a good thing because when it closes apps that you opened and not using.

How to Reboot Android Phone without Power Button

This question comes from one of our users who had asked it on our Facebook group on BLU phones. You can even ask any if you have relating to your Android phone.

What if the Physical Power button is not working on phone?

Follow the process mentioned below in order to restart the Android mobile without the power button -

  1. Install the One Shade application from Play Store.
  2. Once the app is installed, Open it.
  3. It will ask for permission just like any other app. Infact it will ask for more than the usual. Give all the Permissions that it needs. Don't worry, it's absolutely safe.
  4. Once you do that, you will see Power Option on top of your notification panel. It looks like this -
  5. Press that button and you will see several options just like you hit the physical Power button. Options include -Restart, Power OFF, Aeroplane mode, Silent mode.
  6. Click Reboot to get your work done.

No Reboot Option Android Phone:

If you don't find any reboot option then you will have to do this -

  • Make sure you have taken a backup of your device data. We have already written a guide on how to backup various data types like backup photos, personal videos, Whatsapp chat through a BLU phone data backup guide.
  • Turn off your device completely.
  • Press the Power button and Volume UP button to boot into recovery mode.
  • From Recovery mode, hard reset your mobile phone to get back the original settings.

Reboot Android Phone when screen isn't responding?

If your phone is frozen or struck or the screen isn't responding then you can press the power button (until your phone vibrates) for 15 to 30 seconds and then your phone will restart momentarily.

This is a quick way to restart an Android phone in the following cases -

  1. Freezes
  2. Stop Responding
  3. Is Stuck with Screen On

How to Reboot Android Phone in Safe Mode?

You can even reboot your Android smartphone in Safe mode too. Here are two different cases to restart an Android smartphone in Safe mode -

When Screen is Not Responding

When your screen isn't responding, do this -

  • Press and hold the Volume up and Power button together for a few seconds.
  • The device then will boot into safe mode (recovery mode) and you will see the recovery mode menu which has several options.

When Phone is Sluggish

When your phone is sluggish, then press the Power button and you will see a few options like Reboot, Power off, and few others. Click on Reboot and your phone will take some time to be back to normal.

Reboot Android Phone using Computer

Are you looking for an option or tool for PC to reboot Android via PC or USB cable, then follow this process -

  1. For PC, you will be using Android Debug Bridge (ADB), download it from here.
  2. After ADB is installed, open the command prompt in the folder that has the ADB files.
  3. Then execute the following commands -adb devicesand this commandadb reboot

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So that was our tutorial on how to reboot an Android phones and an additional guide on how to restart the Android mobile without the Power button (physical).

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In this guide, I will show you how to reboot android phone i.e., both soft restart and hard reboot Android mobile easily.
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