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QWERTY keyboard phones

Welcome to the old generation of keypad mobiles as we go through the best QWERTY keyboard phones available right now.

It's all touchscreen now as the world has moved from keypad phones to touchscreen thanks to Android and Apple iPhone. But do we still have fans for the old generation mobiles like the flip phones or the keypad phones or the QWERTY phones? Although the percentage has decreased year by year, still there are a considerable number of users who still likes these.

QWERTY Keyboard Phones:

Do you know how did it get the name QWERTY? Observe the top row of the letters on the keypad from right to left Q, W, E, R, T, and Y are placed in a row, that's how Christopher Latha Sholes has chosen that name. In the 1860s and 1870s, modern typewriters were used then back in 1900 QWERTY keyboard was invented for fast and easy typing.

The latest phones are sleek, beautiful, and bezel phones. With the invention of smartphones, touch screen phones are holding the market and Qwerty Keyboards are totally dried up. Qwerty keyboards were easy to use, rather than smashing your fingers on the touch screen.

In this age of smartphones, it is very difficult to find Qwerty phones. But still, we have a few of them if you are looking for the best QWERTY phones in 2023.

Well, back in the 2000's Blackberry phones were the best but due to several reasons, TCL Mobiles stopped manufacturing Blackberry phones and all the devices from Blackberry have slowly vanished from the market. Onward Mobility has confirmed that it will produce Blackberry phones, and this must be a fresh start but recently Onward Mobility reportedly loses license to use the BlackBerry name as reported by Founder Kevin Michaluk.

If you are a fan of keyboard phones, then Blackberry has some very good phones for you.

Blackberry Key 2

Blackberry phones have improved over the years as a fresh startup. Still, they provide the best QWERTY Keypads experience you will find on smartphones today. Blackberry Key 2 is an attractive, modern, and powerful device with lots of stamina and security features.

It has redefined the keyboard with larger buttons. But, the hefty downside of the phone is it has not been upgraded to the latest operating system. It works on Android 8.1 Oreo which is a 4-year-old OS.

The spec of the Blackberry Key 2 includes a 12 mega pixel two rear-facing camera, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, and 6 GB of RAM. The onboard storage is 64 GB.

The device has been packed with Li-Ion 3500 mAh, non-removable battery. It has some excellent security features wherein you can create a Private locker to keep photos, files, videos, and applications. It can be separately accessed through a fingerprint sensor, password, or PIN.

If you are looking for Blackberry Key 2 remember the device has been on the market since 2018, and it is very difficult to find a new phone.

No doubt it is the best phone we would recommend for the QWERTY keyboard, but you have to compromise on other features. It definitely lags in comparison to modern phones.

Unihertz Titan

Unihertz Titan is a rugged QWERTY phone. Unihertz is a popular brand that makes rugged phones, and even they target unique categories like small sized phones, triple SIM mobiles & others. This Unihertz QWERTY layout device is designed for physical keyboard lovers with a fast, convenient, comfortable, and professional typing experience. The Unihertz Titan is IP67-rated water-resistant, dustproof, shockproof, and can bear any harsh environment. The 6000 mAh battery works for a longer time and the fast charging capability can charge the phone in no time. The added security features like Facelock and fingerprint sensors help to maintain your privacy.

The sturdy construction of Titan is the key feature of the device. The sides of the phone have been covered by metal plates, and a thick rubber coating covers everything else. It is a full inch wider than Blackberry Key2 and twice as thick as heavy to boot. Keep in mind, the phone will surely not fit in your pocket.

Unihertz Titan is stuck in Android 9.0 pie which is quite an outdated operating system but still in QWERTY phones this is the best. You can go for it.


  • IP67 Certified phone
  • Long-lasting 6000 mAh battery
  • Budget wise good phone

UniHertz Titan Pocket:

QWERTY phones are usually big in size because it has to accommodate 10 number, 26 English alphabet & other special characters. We have already gone through small-sized compact phones, here are the details on UniHertz Titan Pocket, a compact-sized mobile phone with a QWERTY keypad too.

Blackberry Key 1

The Blackberry Key One has a Snapdragon 625 with 32 GB of storage, which is very little in comparison to today's time. The phone is likely to be stuck in the old Android 8.1 Oreo, which is too outdated in today's era. The 4.5-inch display runs on 1080 resolution.

Looking for some good side of the device, no doubt being the Blackberry phone it has the best QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard also has capacitive buttons for scrolling and swiping, as well as typing. As we know, Blackberry is great for security, Blackberry Key 1 also has some added security features. If you want to save a little, then Blackberry Key 1 is better than Blackberry Key 2.

Fxtec Pro 1

Fxtec Pro 1 is a very unique QWERTY phone. The slider mechanism brings out the keyboard from the side and tilts the display to a 155-degree angle for a better viewing experience. Fxtec Pro 1 gives you the freedom to choose from virtual and physical keyboards. If you are bored with the touch screen, just slide out the keyboard, and you will be ready with the physical keyboard.

Standup Wireless APN

What makes Fxtec Pro 1 unique?

Pro 1 has customizable shortcuts to your favorite apps. The users can customize the key according to their favorite apps. E.g. W opens WhatsApp, Y opens YouTube and T opens Telegram. For quick office work, you can add PC shortcuts like CTRL+P and CTRL+C.

Fxtec Pro 1 has been packed with a 3200 mAh battery which stands up to 10 hours of talk time and 480 hrs of standby time. The Qualcomm Quick Charger 3.0 enables 50% charging in 36 minutes. The stunning 5.99-inch display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.

Blackberry Bold 9780 QWERTY phone

Blackberry Bold 9780 is a QWERTY phone. It has been launched in 2010. The phone was a good buy 11 years ago and still, you can find one. The phone comes with 360x480 pixels at a pixel density of 246 pixels per inch. It has been powered by a 624MHz one-core processor. The Blackberry Bold runs on OS 6 and it is powered by a 1500mAh battery. The phone bears only the rear camera of 5 megapixels, as front cameras were not invented in 2010. There is 512 MB of inbuilt storage, which can be expanded up to 32GB via microSD. It includes Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth v2.10, and 3G. The Blackberry Bold 9780 which is a 3G phone is compatible with T-Mobile and GSM SIM cards e.g. H20 Wireless.

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a QWERTY phone that no doubt lasts longer than the virtual keyboard phone then the Blackberry Bold 9780 will be surely a perfect choice.

Verizon QWERTY Keypad Phone:

You can buy any of the above-mentioned phones and bring them to Verizon for use. Just make sure to head to BYOD check by calling Verizon customer care for this and if doesn't work then check for Verizon mobile date or Verizon APN configuration.

In the Nutshell:

We hope this article helped you in finding the best QWERTY keypad phone. To draw into conclusion, here are your choices -

Top by Brand ⊇ BlackBerry Key 2 [BuY NoW]

Affordable Option ⊇ Blackberry Bold 9780 [BuY NoW]

Best Overall ⊇ Unihertz Titan [BuY NoW]

Best for Business Purpose ⊇ BlackBerry Key 2 [BuY NoW]

Best by Battery Life  ⊇ Unihertz Titan [BuY NoW]

Also, let us know which of these QWERTY Keyboard phones you order from Amazon. Are you happy with it?

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Welcome to the old generation of QWERTY mobiles as we go through the best QWERTY keyboard phones available right now.
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