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Mobile phone is your on-the-go companion for seamless communication, instant access to information, and a myriad of applications tailored to simplify and enhance various aspects of your daily life from taking photos to making payments & more. In many ways, the mobile phone has become the address of our digital existence, serving as a gateway to our virtual identities.

"Our mission is to explore the latest advancements in mobile technology and telecom, uncovering insights, and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of connected devices."


BLUCellPhones.us website is neither associated with BLU Products nor its subsidiary. It's just an informative tech website/blog covering telecom, MVNO, general mobile tips, new BLU phone launches, and phone tips & tricks. Coming to the naming, we are just BLU and Bold Phone fans and so is this blog to show our love towards the brand that believes in Bold like us.

Our blog attracts over half a million visitors per month. Our team consists of almost half a dozen experienced and enthusiastic authors working collaboratively to delve into the ever-evolving world of technology.

We also give you advice on choosing electronic gadgets like mobiles, and tablets (both unlocked or carrier locked), based on price ($100 mobiles), and other parameters like a phone with the most storage, and a special focus on big battery phones, 5G Flip phones, QWERTY keypad phones, & small sized phones in the world dominated by big-sized smartphones. We also have advice on the best mobile by brands like Samsung phones by price.

We are not just limited to smartphones as we also cover topics on tablets, accessories & other electronic gadgets. Recommended reading includes a tablet for writing.

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Note: Our website maintains a clean and simplified theme without any heavy design so that it gives the best experience to readers so that they can get what exactly they are looking for.


This wonderful website is crafted by the following writers -

Yogesh Khetani:

Leading the team, Yogesh is the mastermind behind everything on this blog, bringing a wealth of experience in mobile technology and telecom networks. He also runs TechnosAmiogs.com, a leading tech portal parallely.

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Juhi Patel:

She writes how-to articles and various product recommendations.

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Komal Ravani:

Handles our social media outreach.

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Yash Patel

Yash Patel, a dynamic and aspiring graduate student, harbors a profound passion for football, complemented by his exceptional writing skills.

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A student and tech aspirant contributing to our portal in his free time.

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