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This is the BLUCellPhones.us about us page.

BLUCellPhones.us website is neither associated with BLU Products nor its subsidiary. It's just an informative website covering new BLU phone launches, comparisons, BLU phone tips & tricks, and additionally general mobile tips, and USA networks & MVNO info. In simple words, it's not an official website as we are just BLU and Bold Phone fans and so is this blog to show the love towards the brand that believes in Bold like us.

We also give you advice to choose electronic gadgets like mobiles, tablets, and laptops. (both unlocked or carrier locked), priced based ($100 mobiles) and other parameters wise like a phone with most storage, and a special focus on big battery phones, 5G Flip phones, QWERTY keypad phones, & small sized phones in the world dominated by big sized smartphones. We also have advice on the best mobile by brands like Samsung phones by price.

We are not just limited to smartphones as we also cover topics on tablets, accessories & other electronic gadgets. Recommended reading includes a tablet for writing.

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This wonderful website is crafted by the following writers -

Yogesh Khetani:

The Editor in Chief and the owner and the mastermind bind everything bringing up this blog. He writes on tech stuff mostly related to mobile technology and telecom networks.

Juhi Patel:

She basically writes how-to articles and various product recommendations.

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