Best 5G Flip Phones For Seniors & Elderly People

best 5G flip phones

Listed here are the Best 5G Flip Phones For Seniors & elderly people to buy in 2023.

In today's era, having a phone is needed by every person, especially for seniors who have bad health conditions and live alone. Such phones have been liked by a special category of people, and they are happy with them. They are easy to use for seniors as they provide basic communication functions. The improved flip phones not only provide an easy way to talk, but they also take photos, and texts, keep track of contacts, and also have the facility to better manage your health. Further, moving from traditional flip phones, the new age 5G flip phones come with a 5G feature.

They are not only compact in size but also pocket-friendly. Samsung, the worldwide leader in mobile phone technology, has once again redefined the meaning of flip phones that once became obsolete with the invention of touchscreen smartphones. So here are the best 5G flip phones for elders as well as for those who love them.

Best 5G Flip Phones:

Here are the top picks for this particular type of smartphone -

Flip phones with 5G offer high-speed internet, full HD & HD video calling, and here are Flip mobiles with 5G -

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5:

Samsung's innovated smartphones with more than 5-inch displays with Galaxy Note and now innovation comes in the form of flip phones. Soon this would be called the Flip phone revolution.

The latest iteration in this series is here with the Z Flip 5 phone.


Here are reasons why you should go with it -

  • This model is waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Various color options & sizes
  • It's a stunning and revolutionary design

Price: $999.99

Buy it on Amazon

Motorola Razr+

Motorola Mobility takes on Samsung in the 5G flip phone segment too once this segment gets hit. They have the new Razr+ mobile phone and this exclusive Magenta phone is made for the US.

Price: $944

Compatibility: T-Mobile, Verizon & its MVNOs

Buy it on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4:

A year back launched a version of the new Z Flip phones, you can go for Flip 4 too. Not much difference.

Price: ~900 USD (approximately) - Check on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3:

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes with Flex mode, an Intuitive compact camera, and the introduction of new 5G compatibility. But this one is priced at $899.99, and you can get a refurbished handset for a price of less than $600.

Gadgets 360 says it has become a digital fashion, while Gamesradar's was quoted saying 'A foldable phone for the masses'. Guys at The Guardian were on the spot with the review, saying "Samsung's cheaper, better high-tech phone".

Overall the Z Flip 3 although has it its successor offers great value for the price that it carries.

Here are the customers who have bought it says -

JENNY who bought the device on Amazon says -

My daughter is crazy about it. Thanks.

Shelby C says -

How to Select the Best 5G Flip Phone?

Selecting a flip phone with 5G has to be fulfilled with the following criteria -

Sound Quality:

It must have excellent sound quality, so good that it should be audible to people with low hearing power.

Network Bands:

Should have all the 5G bands in USA like n5, n77, n260(AT&T), Verizon (n2, n5, n66, n77, n261, n260), n41, n71.

Speed and power:

Having just 5G and keeping devices' specs low actually is a miss-match wherein you will get the network speed but your device itself wouldn't be able to process it so fast. So just like PC, RAM, and processor are the important factors.

Also, check out the features included.

Free 5G Flip Phones:

US government under the Affordable Connectivity Program offers various mobile phones you all the cities regardless of social status. This was introduced to offer free and discounted phones to eligible householders. In this program phones ranging from entry-level, mid-range, and advanced phones are provided by your provider based on location and availability. As of now mostly 4G phones are available but soon free 5G flip phones will be made available once the technology becomes prevalent.

The government is working hard to bring out free 5G flip mobiles from the carrier mentioned below to the existing and new customers -


T-Mobile is the third-largest network in the country and with the introduction of 5G network bands, it's committed to introducing advanced 5G flip smartphones.


AT&T is one of the largest mobile networks in the USA and it's racing with a 5G network. Several operators have come up with all ranges of 5G mobiles.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is greater than any other network in the USA. It has more than 150 billion subscribers & provides a reliable carrier that gives free 5G flip mobile phones to qualifying customers.

Is there any Kyocera 5G Flip phone?

Kyocera focuses on providing affordable mobile phones but as of now, they don't have any 5G flip mobile phones in the offering. Just like BLU with F91 5G, they have planned to introduce a new phone with 5G.

Can I upgrade my 4G Phone to a 5G Phone?

Yes, through trade-in you can upgrade your existing mobile phone to 5G. Please contact your service provider.

Is there any Google Pixel foldable phone with 5G?

No, Google Pixel only launches limited models a year and there is no foldable phone offered by them.

TracFone Flip Phone for Elderly | Plum Flip Phone Review

The Wise Choice:

So these were the best 5G flip phones to buy right now. Obviously, there are little to no choices in the affordable range, and the premium range is completely dominated by Samsung with its innovative Z Fold and Flip lineup.

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