BLU G91S Reset, USB Drivers, User Manual, Screenshot Guide

The G91S has arrived, featuring a monstrous 6000 mAh battery well-supported by 18W fast charging, promising an impressive 4 days of battery life. Isn't that amazing? If you're in the market for a mobile phone, why not consider the BLU G91S (BUY NOW) – all this at just over $200! If you landed on this page from Google, welcome! Explore our blog for tips and tricks to enhance your mobile… Read More

BLU Phone Intelligent Assistance Settings AI - BLU Life to Wake/Silent

There is a reason why the latest generation phones are called "smartphones". They are smart and come with various capabilities. Only the sky is the limit when it comes to features as phone manufacturers keep on adding new features. The latest additions are coming in the form of Artificial Intelligence abbreviated as AI. BLU Phone AI settings keep getting added one by one with the latest phone launches. For example,… Read More

BLU Coupon Code & Promo Codes Online

Here we list out the best BLU Coupon Code & Promo Codes for BLU mobile available online. From time to time BLU Products releases new offers on their mobile phone. These are available through coupon codes released by the company. Once you have this coupon code, you can buy the product for a discounted price. So that's why these are often called "discount codes" as well. For amazing deals on… Read More

How to Fix WhatsApp Message Delete Automatically

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How to Change BLU Phone APN Settings or Bold Phone

BLU Phone APN Settings: In this guide, we will be showing you how to change APN Settings on BLU or Bold Phone (Bold Mobile APN Settings). For accessing the Internet on your mobile phone you need to have proper APN Settings which match your carrier requirements. If you are having trouble accessing the Internet and Multimedia Messages (MMS), then you need to modify APN Settings on BLU or Bold mobile… Read More

10 Best BLU G90 Pro Tips and Tricks - Hidden Menu & How to

We have already gone through 5 reasons why BLU G90 Pro is the best ever BLU Phone and through this, we will be going through BLU G90 Pro user manual download, factory reset, Android updates, how to take screenshot steps, and lot more. Talking about BLU G90 Pro, it's advertised as a gaming phone but it has many more things like quad rear camera, 5000 mAh battery with quick charge.… Read More

BLU Phone Battery - Replacement, Fix Not Charging Problem

Here is the guide on where to buy a BLU Phone battery, replacement, how long does it lasts, and fix not charging problem. Is your BLU phone battery behaving awkwardly? Awkward, means it's fully charged, and then battery goes to 30% or even less? It's an indication that it's time to replace it. Hello! I am Yogesh Khetani, founder of this website, which helps people to find the right… Read More

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BLU Customer Service Number | Contact Helpline Details

BLU Products a 2009 started company provides customer support for the products that they sell. Here we go through the Blu Customer Service Helpline Number, a 24x7 Toll-Free Number. Also, BLU Cell phone email support, chat support, and other support alternatives are here. BLU Support includes various options. BLU Customer Service With Cell Phones or electronic gadgets, repairs are always happening. As such, OEMs have to set up customer care to… Read More

Are BLU Phones good?

Several people have asked me the same question on our Facebook page are BLU Phones Good? Let me answer it here for you. BLU Products with the tagline "Bold Like Us" are the leading-unlocked smartphone makers in the United States, and they come up with mostly dual SIM smartphones supporting 4G LTE networks (1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/28), 3G bands: (850/900/1700/1900/2100) i.e., offers nationwide compatibility on all USA GSM Networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, TracFone,… Read More