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BLU Coupon code

Here we list out the best BLU Coupon Code & Promo Codes for BLU mobile available online.

From time to time BLU Products releases new offers on their mobile phone. These are available through coupon codes released by the company. Once you have this coupon code, you can buy the product for a discounted price. So that's why these are often called "discount codes" as well.

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The BLU Promo code offers discounts for purchasing BLU smartphones. These can be used respectively for purchasing Bold phones too. So here are the best BLU Coupon code -

BLU G91 Max Discount Code:

The G91 Max is the newest BLU mobile phone. It comes as a successor to BLU G91 Pro and before the launch of BLU G92.

Price: $199.99

BLU G91S Promo Code:

The G91S is also available on the first few days of the sale at a discounted price tag. You can buy directly from Amazon with guaranteed next-day delivery.

Price: $199.99

BLU G90 Coupon Code

$50 OFF

With the new launch of G90, you get a $50 OFF on MRP.

Price: $99.99

BLU Vivo XL5 Promo Code

$30 OFF on MRP. At just $99.99

The BLU Vivo XL5 is $30 OFF. Buy at just $99 #BLU #Deals #MobileDeals #DealAlert #BLUVivoXL5

Price: $99.99

BLU G9 Pro Promo Code

With the launch of BLU G90, the BLU G9 Pro is up for sale at discounted price. This phone is $70 OFF on MRP and costing just $179.99.

Price: $179.99

BLU Vivo XI+ Promo Code

The BLU Vivo XI+ with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage is now available at $100 OFF. You can buy it right away at $149.99 from this link.

No coupon code is required to grab this deal. Just click on the link below -

With this mobile price reduction, is BLU Vivo 12 launch near?

BLU G9 Pro Promo Code

The flagship G9 Pro is now available for just $179.99 as the next flagship G90 and G90 Pro is spotted online.

No coupon code is required to grab this deal. Just click on the link below -

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So that's the BLU coupons code for you.

Remember that these are limited-time deals and may not be available later on or right now.

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Here we list out the best BLU Coupon Code & discount Promo Codes for BLU mobile available online for Amazon.
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