BLU G90 Reset, Root Guide, Screenshot, Recovery Mode, USB Drivers Download

Here we go through BLU G90 reset guide, root, recovery mode, screenshot guide, USB drivers.

BLU Products recently unveiled BLU G90 mobile phone that comes with amazing specifications and price. If you haven't bought this phone, then its a good deal at $129.99 with triple rear camera[Buy Now]. Here we go through tips and tricks for the same mobile phone that you have right now, i.e., the G90.

BLU G90 USB drivers download

BLU G90 can be easily downloaded from here.

BLU G90 Tips & Tricks

Here is everything about BLU G90 -

So lets get started.

BLU G90 Screenshot

Are you struggling to get screenshot on BLU G90 phone? Here is the guide on how to grab one -

  • Press the Volume Down button and the Power button together at once.
  • Once you do that you will hear shutter click sound on your phone and further there will be blink on your phone.

All the screenshots that you take are saved under Screenshots folder in Gallery app.

Here are BLU G90 screenshot apps -

Here is the video guide -

BLU G90 USB Drivers

You can download USB drivers for BLU G90 from here.

BLU G90 Root

As of now there is no root guide.

Boot BLU G90 in Recovery Mode

In order to boot BLU G90 recovery mode, follow the process mentioned below -

  • Turn off your phone completely.
  • Now press the Volume Up and Power button together.
  • There you are.

Factory Reset BLU G90

BLU G90 reset steps are mentioned below -

  • Go to Settings.
  • Now head to System.
  • Now tap on Reset Options.

BLU G90 Software Update | BLU G90 Firmware Download


  • You need to go to the Settings app.
  • Now tap on System and then tap on System Update.
  • Make sure that you have a proper Wi-Fi or Data connection.

Follow the below video guide for BLU phone software updates -

Finding IMEI Number on BLU G90

Follow the video guide below on how to find IMEI number on your mobile -

BLU G90 User Manual

Below is the link to get the user manual -

Download BLU G90 User manual

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So, that's the BLU G90 tips and tricks for you.

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