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Various cultures are followed for years and one such tradition is the "Apple Cup" annual event. So what is it, where is played, and what importance we will learn in this piece of writing?

The biggest American football game in the Evergreen state is hands-down the Apple Cup, the annual matchup between in-state rivals Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars. It's also referenced by other names as the Governor's Trophy, and it has more than a hundred years of tradition.

So, here in this article let's go through Apple Cup date & time, schedule start, match tickets & other details.

Apple Cup 2024:

Since 2018, the two big Washington school's rivalry will return to Pullman since the 2020 game was canceled and the 2019 and 2021 meetings have been in Seattle. The defending team will be looking to make the best use of the home ground.

Apple Cup Football:

Apple Cup is a historical game of Football held yearly between two very famous universities in America. It's traditionally the final game of the season and is usually played on the Friday before the onset of Thanksgiving. Before it was known as the Governor’s Trophy, but later the game was renamed as Apple Cup as Washington is a major producer of Apples.

UW Huskies vs WSU Cougars logo for the Apple Cup

This American football game rivalry is one of the most well-known competitive matchups on the West Coast between the two teams, the Washington Huskies and Washington State University Cougars. Both teams are members of the PAC-12 Conference North Division. At the end of the match, the state's governor hands over the trophy to the winner.

When is the Apple Cup?

The annually held event for this year is scheduled for Saturday, November 26, 2024. Every year it is usually played on the Friday before Thanksgiving day.

The first game was played in 1900 and since 1945 it has been played continuously except 2020-year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Where is the Apple Cup:

It's at the famous Husky Stadium, University of Washington, in Pullman (Washington State). It's an outdoor venue for football and is located on the University of Washington campus. And since 1920 it has been the home of Washington Huskies for the Pac-12 conference.

Here are the full details -

Venue  Lumen Field, Seattle
Date  September 14, 2024
Time  6.30 PM
Live Streaming  Fox Sports, FS1
Seating Capacity  69,000
Address  800 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134, United States
Phone Number -

Apple Cup 2024 Tickets:

The Apple Cup tickets for this year are now available for purchase. They are priced from $133 to the best seating corner at $676.

You can purchase any tickets of your choice from Bigstub online or from this source site of Washington Huskies.

UPDATE(Nov 28, 2023): As announced officially, the 2023 event is now sold out and planning is going on for 2024.

What time does the Apple Cup Start:

Are you eager to know when the event starts? Probably you should because you can set it to your calendar accordingly.

On the event date, the match is scheduled to start in the evening, either at 1 PM, 1.30 PM, or 5 PM. There will be also a kick-off time show.

Huskies vs Cougars Apple Cup game time: 5 PM, September 14, 2024

Historical Records:

Both teams played for the "Governor's Trophy" from 1934 to 1961. To date, 112 matches were held, in which Washington Huskies have been champions 74 times and Washington State 32 times.

Washington Huskies Wins: 76

Washington State Cougars: 33 wins

First Instance: November 30, 1990

Longest Winning Streak: Washington Huskies, 8 (1959-66 and 1974-1981)

Current Streak: Cougars, 1 (2021 - present)

Largest Victory: Washington Huskies, 51-3 (2000)

Most Successful Coach: Don James, Washington Huskies (13 wins, 5 losses) from 1975 to 1992

Last Tie Game: 1942

Recent Records:

Important comeback last year by the Cougars as they beat the 7-year Husky's winning streak but the Huskies reclaimed the title again.

Here are the recent records of the matches between WSU vs. UW -

Year Winner Score
 2024  -  -
 2023  Washington Huskies  24 - 21
 2022  Washington Huskies  51 - 32
 2021  Washington State Cougars  40 - 13
 2019  Washington Huskies  31 - 13
 2018  Washington Huskies  28 - 15
 2017  Washington Huskies  41 - 14
 2016  Washington Huskies  45 - 17
 2015  Washington Huskies  45 - 10
 2014  Washington Huskies  31 - 13
 2013  Washington Huskies  27 - 17
 2012  Washington State Cougars  31-21 (Over Time)


Covid has turned the tide for the State Cougars as they break the 7-game winning streak of the Huskies. It's a hard-fought win after 9 years, but the Huskies are back again with back-to-back wins in 2022 and 2023.

Apple Cup Streaming Online/ TV Channel/ App:

If you can't attend the arena, you can even watch the live streaming of the Apple Cup match on TV Channel as well. It will be telecasted live on the Fox Sports channel.

So tune in to the FS1 channel and watch the live streaming with your family/friends.

Alongside that, you can watch online streaming on FoxSports.com and also via the phone/tablet on the Fox Sports app.

Highlights & Commentary:

The highlights will also be telecasted after some days on the FS1 channel as well.

Apple Cup Memes:

Coming soon!

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Husky vs Cougars (WSU vs UW):

Out of 114 times that the Cougars vs. Husky match is held, the Huskies have been the dominant team, winning 75 times while the Cougars only won 33 times.

WSU Wins (Overall): 76

UW Wins (Overall): 33

Apple Cup 2024 Venue:

Since the beginning, Seattle's Ground and Pullman have served as the venues for over a decade. Occasionally, Spokane has hosted the event, albeit once in a decade. Thus, these three locations have been the historical venues for an American football game for years.

So two venues are -

  • Husky Stadium in Seattle
  • Martin Stadium in Pullman

2023 Venue: Husky Stadium Seattle

2024 Venue: Husky Stadium

Husky Stadium Seating Map & Tickets:

Husky Stadium is an organized stadium with different kinds of seating based on its pricing and viewing experience.


Based on the recent records and strong performance in recent years, the Washington Huskies are the favorite to win this year's edition as well because of two reasons -

  1. Recent Records: Although the Huskies have a higher hand, the Cougars will be playing at its home ground so they are favorites to win it.
  2. Cougar's Recent Win: It's 50-50 chance post-pandemic.

Note: Predictions are based on team formation, home venue, players' form, coach, management, and other skills in place.


This is one of the jokes that I liked the most -

What’s the difference between a Cougar cheerleader and an elephant? About 12 pounds.

That was funny, and there are others -
How do you keep a Husky out of your front yard? Put up goal posts.

Why did 18 Cougars or 18 Huskies go to a film together? Because it said, “Under 17 not admitted.”

Why did the Husky stare at the frozen orange juice container for so long? Because it said, “concentrate.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some basic FAQs are answered here -

When was the last time Washington State won the cup?

Cougars did it in 2021 and it was in 2012 at Pullman, when they last won the Governor's Cup. In 2012, it wasn't a cakewalk either, with the match being decided in overtime. They won it with a score of 31-28.

Who is the current Winner of this year's edition?

The current title holder for the 2022 match is the Washington Huskies team.

Who is the favorite to win this year's Apple Cup?

Looking at the recent records, Washington Huskies were favorites to win this 2022 year edition of the Governor's Cup and they won it.

Why Was Governor's Trophy was cancelled in 2020?

Last year's edition of the Governor's Trophy was canceled due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

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When did WSU win Apple?

It was in 2021 that WSU ended the Governor's Cup thirst for 8 years (last won in 2012). And that's a fresh beginning for the team that needs more wins to settle the win-loss ratio since the beginning of this historical event.

In the Nutshell:

No matter which team you stand to cheer up for, you’ll want to catch the action live in person. So gear up people for the heated rivalry to blow out of proportion this season. So that's all about the Apple Cup 2024 date, tv, time, schedule, recent records, history, and ticket details.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Apple Cup.

Key TakeAways:
- Apple Cup 2024 will be held at Husky Stadium on September 14, 2024.

- Huskies are looking for the hat-trick(third straight win).

- The 2024 match will be held at Husky Stadium, home for Washington Huskies team.

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