How to take a Screenshot on Windows 11 PC/Laptop

A guide on how to take a screenshot on Windows 11 PC/laptop.

Here comes Microsoft Windows 11 operating system as a successor to Windows 10. We will be going through a lot of guides on Windows 11 especially in the How to Section and here comes the second one after Windows 11 system requirements. I will show you how to take a screenshot on Windows 11 OS.

A screenshot is a useful feature that allows you to showcase a photo proof. It can be an error while gameplay, achievement in a game, software error. This feature of a screenshot is also available on Android phones by default. Let's check out how you can get it on Windows PC/laptop.

How to take a Screenshot on Windows 11

There are a number of ways through which you can take screenshot on Windows 11 laptop or PC.

Print Screen:

The Print Screen or Print Screen or Prt Sc key is available in all laptops and keyboards. It's one of the easiest and fastest ways to capture screenshots on a Windows 11 laptop or PC.

Alt + Print Screen:

This copies the active Windows to the clipboard, which can be paste into another program.

Windows + Shift + S:

Once you press this three key combination on your laptop, your screen will dim and the mouse pointer will change. You can drag to select a portion of the screen to capture. The screenshot will be copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into another program.

Windows Key + PrntScn:

This saves the entire screen as an image file. You can access it in "Pictures" > "Screenshots".

How to Take Windows 11 Screenshot using Snipping Tool

An advanced version of taking screenshot on Windows 11 is using Snipping Tool. You can use this tool to grab a screenshot and save it as an image file. Here is how to do it -

  1. Start the Snipping Tool from Start Menu or Search and open it.
  2. In the "Mode" dropdown, choose the kind of screenshot shape you want.
  3. Click on New and your screen will freeze. Now use the mouse to create the screenshot.

If you are running the latest version of Windows 10 then you can press keys Windows + Shift + S to bring up the Snipping tool in compact mode.

So that's how you can take a screenshot on Windows 11 PC or laptop.

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