BLU Take Back Program- How to Return BLU Phones Back for Recycling

BLU Take Back Program

BLU Products is one of the leading unlocked smartphone providers in the United States. Recently the company unveiled Bold T5 & T5 Plus, an Android Pie Go Edition phone, first for the United States market.

BLU Products has unveiled Take Back Program and here we go through BLU Take Back program.

BLU Take Back Program:

There is an expiry date on any product. Just like medicines and other gadgets, mobile phones can last for two to four years.

Smartphones can be recycled and all BLU Products are qualified for that. They have been manufactured accordingly that they can be recycled.

Through BLU Products Take Back Program you can return mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets launched by BLU Products to the company back for recycling.

What is a Take Back Program?

Most of the mobile products are recycled and this is where the take-back program was born. It's also known by other names as the "return back program".

In this article, we will go through the process of how you can return the BLU device that you are not using and how you can request BLU company to help you out in the process.

Steps for Free shipping and packaging Mail-In Program

Here is how you can request a BLU phone to accept your returned device. You need to notify BLU Products first by calling their customer care toll-free number 866-603-0640 or email to request the recycling service.

You need to provide the following details in the phone number or email:-

  • Serial Number of the device and description of the device
  • Email ID
  • Valid shipping address

How to find BLU Serial Number?

The device serial is printed on your bill when you purchased the handset.

Once you provide all those details, you will receive a box to keep your device and a prepaid shippingfor FREE.

Once you get the box, keep your device in it and affix the shipping label on it. It's time for sending the BLU Phone for environmentally compliant recycling.

Before shipping the device, you should do the following -

  • Delete data present on your device, or else back it up.
  • Remove any removable media such as a memory card.
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For further and official word by BLU Products, please contact the BLU website page.

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How to Return BLU Phones Back for Recycling
In this article we will go through process on how you can return back the BLU device that you are not using and how you can request BLU company to help you out in the process.
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