How to Fix QLink SIM Card Not Working - Android or iPhone

fix QLink SIM Card Not Working android iphone

In this guide check out how to fix QLink SIM card not working issues on your mobile phone.

In today's era where everyone has smartphones, it has become the address of any person. From communication to product delivery, everyone prefers to call the customer directly. What happens if your sim card is not working? The person who is calling you will find your phone switched off and your communication would be broken. In order to make sure your QLink phone is working, here is the guide on how to fix QLink SIM card not working issue on your mobile phone.

QLink SIM Card Not Working

Talking about QLink Wireless is an American-based telecom network that provides free wireless phone services to low-income individuals customers and families that are on government assistance programs. The company is quickly getting the attention of everyone.

There are several reasons why a QLink SIM card or your QLink phone might not be working.

A few of the reasons are mentioned below -

Minor Glitch:

Your phone may experience a minor glitch and if that happens, please restart your phone and see. It should be fixed.

Check for Airplane Mode:

Check whether your phone is in Airplane mode or not. Please turn it off if it is.

QLink SIM Card Activation:

Your QLink Wireless services get started after you activate your phone. As soon as you insert your SIM card into the phone, dial 611 to activate it.

Software Update:

Your phone might require necessary firmware updates for the QLink phone to work or during the process of software updates, you may see problems in connecting to the network.

Card Not Inserted Properly:

Make sure that you insert the QLink SIM card properly into your device. Phones with Nano-SIM should always have a Nano SIM card size and similarly for Micro and standard SIM card.

QLink SIM is not Compatible with the Phone?

While purchasing a phone for your Qlink, you should also go through the BYOD checkup process on the company's website. This confirms the device's compatibility.

Can I put QLink SIM card in another phone?

Definitely, the QLink SIM card will not work on any other carrier-locked handsets but for unlocked phones too you need to check out for BYOD compatibility first. After inserting the SIM card into your phone, if the device doesn't work then please call QLink customer care at 1-855-754-6543 and explain the problem.

So always try to put your QLink SIM in compatible unlocked phones.

QLink Mobile Data Not Working:

If you have a problem with the speed or download or the internet, then make sure that you have the right QLink APN settings

on your phone. You can further dive into our article on why is my mobile data too slow.

Order QLink Phone Replacement:

If your phone is under warranty and it's not working then you can order a device replacement. Check out a guide on how to order a QLink mobile phone for a replacement.

Wrapping it Up:

So that's how you can fix QLink SIM card not working problem on your Apple iPhone or Android phones like Samsung Galaxy Mobiles, Motorola phones, or any other brand device.

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In this guide check out how to fix QLink SIM card not working issues on your Apple iPhone or Android mobile phone.
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