QLink Compatible Phones List & Phone Upgrade

QLink Compatible Phones ListQLink Compatible Phones List

QLink Compatible Phones List: Check out what phones are compatible with QLink (Android & Apple iPhone).

QLink Free tablet

QLink is one of the most reputed mobile networks in the United States that uses the T-Mobile network to operate services nationwide. In addition to that, it's one of the very popular and fastest-growing government service providers. Millions of customers are looking to shift to QLink services and good thing is that several unlocked phones work with it. If you are good to know, then here is the QLink compatible phones list.

A quick way of checking compatibility with the mobile network is going through bring your own device and shifting to QLink is extremely easy. You can put QLink SIM card in any unlocked phone available in the market, the only requirement is that it should be compatible with QLink. If you have a mobile phone locked with your previous service provider then you will not be able to use QLink SIM on the mobile.

Confirm your Phone Compatibility

Looking to bring your phone to QLink then you must confirm its compatibility. To confirm, you need to visit the official website, QLinkwireless.com/byop.aspx and enter your phone number, and tap on Continue. To know your IMEI number, you need to press *#06# or visit settings about phone and phone status.

Get SIM card

Once you check your phone's compatibility, QLink will inform you whether you need a SIM card kit or your phone should be activated and straight away. If you need a SIM card kit, it will be shipped to you for free.

Qlink Compatible Phones

If you are in search of an unlocked compatible phone with QLink then your search ends here. Here we have listed the 5 best smartphones to consider and we have chosen quality unlocked phones.

Google Pixel 6

Your search for quality and effective BYOP to QLink ends with Google Pixel 6. This unlocked 5G mobile phone by Google comes with the promise of software updates for up to 2 years and features matching all the top smartphones in the world.

Apple iPhone 13 Unlocked

The newest phone by Apple, the iPhone 13 unlocked can be brought to Qlink to use its services without limitations. I guess I do not need to explain what feature it has got because iPhone is the best. It is good with all the features like fast charging, wireless charging, and many more.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

5G Foldable phones are here, and it's only Samsung that you should choose with. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are the latest Samsung innovations, and it would be a delight to use them on QLink for free services.

QLink Phone Upgrade:

You can upgrade your QLink free phone to any desired phone that you want. The network supports BYOD i.e., you can bring any phone that you want on to the network.

Can I bring my mobile number to QLink Wireless?

Yes, you can bring your own and existing mobile number to Q Link Wireless and use their services.

Can I carry QLink number to another carrier?

If you find the QLink customer's service or network coverage problem, then you can transfer your QLink number to another service provider by keeping the same number. In order to transfer your QLink number to another service provider, then you should first reach out QLink wireless service department and request for transfer of service. You should make sure that you have cleared all your deals with the QLink Wireless before moving to other networks and then place a request to cancel QLink services


Can I replace QLink Free Mobile Phone?

When you signup with QLink for the ACP program, either you or your QLink doesn't know which phone or which free QLink tablet you will get.

Can I put QLink SIM in another phone?

Before inserting the QLink SIM in another phone make sure that it's compatible with QLink.

QLink 5G APN Settings

Final Thoughts:

So these were the QLink compatible phones list iPhone and Android. So here are the options for you -

Best QLink Phone by Options: Google Pixel 6

Samsung Qlink phone: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3

Latest QLink iPhone: iPhone 13

So those are QLink compatible phones list.

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QLink Compatible Phones List: Check out what phones are compatible with QLink (Android & Apple iPhone).
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