How to Cancel Qlink Wireless Mobile Services

how to cancel QLink Wireless

In this guide check out how to cancel QLink Wireless mobile subscription or free tablet offer.

QLink Wireless is a T-mobile MVNO i.e., it uses T-Mobile towers to offer its free phone services under the ACP program and if you are happy with its services then you can stop using its services. Here is a guide on how to cancel QLink wireless subscription.

It's no doubt that you have arrived on this page looking for details on how to deactivate QLink services and you have arrived at the right place for the right information. We at provide details on telecommunication networks in America and we have written a lot on QLink Wireless.

How to Cancel QLink Wireless:

QLink Wireless offers a good service that supports the Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP) under the US government and also offers free tablets for eligible customers. It also has a device replacement policy when the phone gets lost or the Scepter 8 tablet gets stolen.

If you are having problems like 5G not working or mobile data slow or if signals are not available in your home then you can cancel QLink Wireless and move to another network that has good coverage in your area.

You can also cancel if you have been overcharged, removed from the ACP discount have this as an extra connection, or planning to move to a different network.

QLink WiFi hotspot locations

QLink hotspot Not working

QLink has made things easy to maintain your account and before switching to a different network it's required to cancel all the services under QLink in order to avoid any billing.

If any unpaid billing or invoice in QLink is left over, then you may not be able to switch to your desired network in time.

Follow the 3 steps process mentioned below on the new road to cancel Qlink Wireless -

  1. Pick up your registered mobile number handset and open the dialler.
  2. Now dial 1855 754 6543, and you will be connected to one of the QLink customer representatives.
  3. You can even call from a registered mobile number and tell your registered mobile number and after verification place your request.

This is a toll-free phone number so you will not be charged for it. You can also place an email request, but this support by calling customer care tends to be very fast and accurate.

Within a few days, your subscription with QLink will end and you will be no longer charged.

US Cellular 5G mobile data not working

TMobile Protection Plans

Before canceling Q Link for SIM or mobile issues, try to insert your Qlink SIM into another phone and see if it works or not. Your QLink SIM should be activated and should have a valid plan + shouldn't be in disconnected status.

Can I reactivate my QLink Wireless after deactivation?

Yes, you can reactivate your QLink Wireless phone after deactivation as well. You can reactivate QLink phone by calling the customer care representative at +1855 754 6543

and let them know about the reactivation.

Can I transfer my QLink phone number to another network?

Yes, you can transfer your QLink phone number to another carrier through the process of SIM porting.

For this, you need to contact the new carrier and inform them about your intention. It will take 7-10 days for the whole process.

TruConnect APN Settings

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That's how to cancel QLink wireless subscription service. Now you have a better idea of what to do.

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How to Cancel Qlink Wireless Mobile Services
In this guide check out how to cancel QLink Wireless mobile subscription or free tablet offer.
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