TruConnect APN Settings for iPhone, Android Mobiles

TruConnect APN Settings

Looking for TruConnect APN Settings, here is the guide to editing TruConnect APN.

TruConnect Wireless definitely stands up to its name - truly connecting people in America via free smartphones through the ACP program. This Universal Service Administrative company is under the control of the Federal Communication Commission(FCC).

If you have a TruConnect tablet or smartphone, you will need proper APN settings so that you can access data perfectly without any interruption.

Mentioned here is the guide on how to edit or reset TruConnect APN settings on your mobile and works for both Android mobile and Apple iPhones.

TruConnect APN Settings

Please enter the below-mentioned value correctly -


APN TruConnect

 Name APN truconnect
 Port  80
 MMS Proxy  80
 MMS Port
 MCC 310
 MNC 410
 Authentication Type
 APN Type  default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri
 APN Protocol  IPv4/IPv6
 APN Roaming Type  IPv4
 Enable/Disable APN
 Bearer  Unspecific
 MVNO Type

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APN Settings for iPhone:

For iPhone also you need to go to Settings and then enter the below values -

  1. APN: internet
  2. Username:
  3. Password:

LTE Setup (Optional)

  • APN
  • Username
  • Password

MMS Internet Settings:



 APN  wap
 MMS Proxy
 MMS Message Size  1048576

So that's the TruConnect APN Settings for iPhone & Android mobile phones.

TruConnect Phone Lost

If you are having trouble, it can be classified among the following -

TruConnect Mobile Data Not Working:

If mobile data via 4G LTE or 5G isn't working, then you will have to reset your APN or modify it.

Can't Edit TruConnect APN:

This problem is due to the APN Settings being locked/Greyed out or disabled by your telecom carrier so that you can't edit it. Follow the guide to unlocking the APN Settings .

Verizon APN Settings locked

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Final Words:

So that's it for the article. Please check out the article on how to get a free phone via TruConnect ACP.

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